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Published: December 8, 2021

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  • Henry Cavill explains his wargaming hobby
  • He corrects his host when the latter hilariously misnames Cavill’s pass time
  • The star has spoken before about his passion for the Witcher universe and videogames

Everyone feels obliged to correct people when they misname their favorite franchise, and Henry Cavill it seems is no different.

Cavill Gently Corrects His Host

Anyone, who’s been into e certain franchise, has had those moments when he or she has to explain to a friend or parent what their hobby is about. This has surely been the case for people who like things with similar names like Warhammer and Warcraft. It is needless to explain the difference between the tabletop wargaming universe and the video game franchise to most people, who are into the “nerd” culture. However, a certain actor by the name of Henry Cavill had to do just that recently.

You may know Cavill for his roles as Superman in the DC extended universe, or more recently as his rendition of Gerald from the Witcher. Recently the actor was a guest at the Graham Norton Show. The British TV show invites celebrities, interviews them, and lets them talk with each other, all pretty standard late-night TV program stuff.

As the PC Gamer says, the show’s host Graham Norton’s goal is to make humorous light banter with his guests. Norton brought up one of Cavill’s nerdy hobbies of collecting, painting, and gaming with Warhammer miniatures. Whether intentionally or not, the host asked “You paint…is it War…World of Warcraft?”.

Henry Cavill and His Nerdy Hobbies

With such a question, Cavill had to clear up any misconceptions Norton might have had. “Erm, it’s Warhammer, Graham,” he says with a smug look on his face.

The host then corrects himself by saying “I’m a fool” and goes on to ask Cavill about the process of painting the figures, to which the former explains that it depends on how much time and effort spent on doing it. When asked what he does after he’s done painting them, he says “Then you, erm, you put them together in little armies and you fight against someone else’s army. It’s actually—it is fun! It sounds ridiculous, but it is fun.”

Cavill is known as something of a “nerd” in the gaming/superhero community. He has previously talked about his gaming passion, saying he discovered the Witcher franchise through the video games. Also, he almost did not get the Superman role. The reason was that he was playing WoW at the time his phone rang to be offered the role, but he was in the middle of possibly a raid (which he did not win in).

There is something amazing yet wholesome and humanizing those big stars like Henry Cavill who have a true passion for the roles they play.

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