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Published: August 28, 2023

Written by: Stoyan Todorov

Valorant is one of the most competitive first-person video games out there. Understandably, there is a fair bit of interest in betting on Valorant games and tournaments. Today, we bring you a detailed breakdown of everything you need to know about Valorant betting odds and how they work. This fast-paced 5-versus-5-player shooter is one of the most exciting games to watch on stream in real time.

When you add the fact that you can monitor the odds and place wagers for an extra bit of fun, watching competitive Valorant becomes even more satisfying. We will help you find the best Valorant betting odds and guide you to markets that make sense. While betting is based on chance, you can learn to read Valorant betting odds and make use of your knowledge of the game to place smarter bets over time.

Players are very welcome to give Valorant betting a shot, but before they do, we strongly encourage you to check out the best odds that you can find out there!

Where to Find Valorant Betting Odds in Real Time

Esports odds move fast and if you miss the, you may need to wait for the next good opportunity to present itself. The good news is that esports definitely presents you with quite a few of these! Therefore, you need never worry about missing out on great Valorant betting odds, especially if you use OddsGecko.

There are many bookmakers that will consistently bring you excellent odds. At Esports Grizzly we do just that by pointing you directly at the best Valorant betting odds in real-time or pointing you in the direction of the best bookmakers that bring you the most worthwhile experiences around the clock.

Valorant betting odds will definitely move fast, so you need to be ready to place a bet or rule out a bet on your feet. If you are uncertain, we strongly recommend never acting on impulse and focusing on having fun instead. Remember, with Esports Grizzly’s extensive coverage of Valorant odds, there is no need to worry about missing out on great games!

Best Esports Books for Valorant Betting

If you don’t use services such as OddsGecko or aren’t too keen on refreshing this page to get the best Valorant betting odds in real-time, we recommend that you take a look straight at some of the best esports bookmakers that cover all competitive events from the world of Valorant.

If you prefer to fast-forward to the best bookmakers that bring you the most competitive Valorant betting odds, you can do this as well. It’s a simple matter of choosing what you enjoy better and sticking with it. If you are looking to make the most out of your Valorant betting and are looking for the best odds, we recommend these three websites:

  • – is always a great place to start. The website offers a comprehensive esports variety, markets, and odds. As you can expect, Valorant is one of the covered esports, and the odds for the game are simply spot-on. You will find competitive, well-priced and tempting fixtures.
  • Pinnacle – Pinnacle is one of the oldest esports bookmakers, and it has been successful in providing esports players with a range of spot-on odds and experiences. On the website, you will find some of the best Valorant betting odds to begin with along with excellent markets as well.
  • Betway – Betway is a household name in esports. It offers extensive coverage of Valorant tournaments and admittedly brings you a great market variety to choose from. This includes excellent odds as well, so you will end up with plenty of possible options to pick from.

All in all, finding the best Valorant betting odds is not too complicated. Players are always free to explore their options and pick straight from a real-time table of odds that will be changing and helping them find the best fixtures for any given game or tournament.

If you prefer to keep a closer eye on the entire bookmaker and what it offers, you can open some of our recommended bookies and see what’s what.

Will You Find Different Valorant Betting Odds at Different Sites?

Players who are new to esports and Valorant betting may have noticed that the odds tend to change between the different websites. This is actually very natural. This has mostly to do with the fact that each bookmaker is trying to offer the best possible Valorant odds.

As such, no bookmaker can simply copy another. They probably still check the reference values of others for their own peace of mind, but the truth is that each website, whether this is Pinnacle, Cloudbet, Bitcasino, or always runs their own trading and pricing models.

This is because if they get the odds wrong, they may actually lose a lot of money. Esports and Valorant fans are very smart about the game they play and they will be able to benefit from such an opportunity without any trouble. As such, you will notice that the odds across different bookies are mostly the same, but they are still different.

This is great news for those players among you who are looking for the best Valorant betting odds plain and simple. The fact that all of these companies are competing with each other will give you a very clear advantage, allowing you to pick from only the best odds on the market at any one point.

Why Do Valorant Betting Odds Change All The Time?

“All the time” is a bit of an exaggeration, but yes – Valorant odds do tend to change a lot and frequently. This is not to suggest that the bookmakers are trying to pull one on you – not in the slightest. For the most part, if you bet at any given odds – any change after you have placed this bet will not impact your payout.

What this means is that you can place your bets when you think the odds are best. As to why Valorant betting odds change – well, this is simple. As mentioned earlier, oddsmakers are truly trying to get things right and to do so, they do need to do their best time and again. This means calibrating the experience repeatedly and making sure that they get the best possible odds.

Some changes and adjustments will be needed for this to indeed be the case as you can imagine. Don’t worry though – changing Valorant betting odds is a sign of a healthy ecosystem, and this is what benefits you the most as a bettor!

Live vs Pre-Game Valorant Betting Odds

So, the question of which one is better – pre-game or live betting odds is an interesting one. There are evident upsides to both. For example, pre-game odds are somewhat nicer and quicker to manage, because you will be able to prepare yourself before you place an actual wager. You have a lot of time to think through the wager you are about to place and strategize about whether it makes good sense to do it. This can be a little boring to some people, though, and this is where live betting odds come in handy.

Live betting odds are just the opposite. They offer a fast-paced nature of betting whereby you will be betting in real-time and trying to spot the best possible outcomes right there right then. There is no need to worry about “getting it wrong” but it does help to know that this type of betting really takes a little more skill and understanding of the base game before you can place your in-play wagers confidently.

Mobile Betting Odds for Valorant

Mobile Valorant betting odds sound great, and this is why the sportsbook we recommend to you today are all fit to offer you an impeccable betting experience from handheld devices. What this means is that you can access the odds live on all bookmakers through a dedicated mobile app or directly through the web browser. These all work and you will have absolutely zero trouble trying to get yourself to enjoy betting.

Mobile betting for Valorant and the odds you get are just as good as any desktop website, so don’t hesitate to use your smartphone or tablet to place a wager if you have the opportunity to do. Apps tend to be somewhat neater and better arranged.

Valorant Betting Tips – How to Pick the Best Odds

So, if you are looking to pick the best odds in Valorant, it may do you some good to know what to expect plain and simple. People who are betting on the game definitely love Valorant and they may already know a few of the things we are about to share. Here are five tips to truly excel in at least finding the best odds for Valorant

#1 Don’t Use One Website

Even if you don’t want to register at new websites – make sure to track multiple bookies – usually a service like OddsGecko will help a lot, because the site quickly covers all wagers that you need to be aware of. The odds matter and getting the best one matters as well.

No one website will give you “the best” Valorant betting odds all the time, but you will see that when you compare these websites you will find some value betting at one bookmaker over another.

#2 Study the Underdogs

There is great value to be obtained in studying the underdogs. Valorant is a game full of surprises and if you really want to enjoy yourself to the fullest, you will want to take a few moments and see what underdogs are available out there and what they may bring as value to your own wagers.

#3 Be Consistent in Your Choices

Consistency does matter and this is why it’s recommended to Valorant bettors as well. Essentially, if you love betting on the outcome of Valorant games, you should always stick to the teams and players that you know are good – or the underdogs that you have studied. Finding the best odds is not only about the coefficient – it’s also about what you know about the teams and players.


All in all, Valorant betting odds are a great bit of fun. You will have the opportunity to quickly and easily find your way through many available options if you only stick with the best Valorant betting sites, as recommended at Esports Grizzly. The sites we bring you are truly great places to start looking for odds.

Valorant is a dynamic game, so there will be plenty of bookmakers to offer you competitive odds. The key to being successful is to love and understand the game and show it by watching and following the scene. If you do that, you will certainly be able to thrive as a bettor in the Valorant betting ecosystem. Just remember to have fun and not get carried away.


What is the best website for Valorant betting odds? will presently provide you with the best Valorant betting odds that will make for a great betting experience on your end. You should definitely stop by and give a try if you are looking to bet on Valorant.

Are pre-game or live Valorant betting odds better?

Both can be good. Pre-game betting odds on Valorant are usually “safer” in the sense you will have more time to decide what you want to bet on and back. Live betting odds are usually associated with greater satisfaction and somewhat better yield if you get your wagers correct.

What are the best Valorant events to bet on?

All official Valorant events backed by an official and prominent tournament host will be worth your while and you may consider betting on them. We recommend definitely following the official Riot Games circuit and wagering on the outcome of these official games.

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