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Published: September 12, 2023

Written by: Stoyan Todorov

Esports betting is picking up a lot of momentum and it’s easily the talk of the town. These days, though, there are many different esports-inspired betting markets to bet on. Esports simulators for traditional sports are being brought online all the time. Drone leagues are sprouting on esports betting sites such as Rivalry and GG.BET, and you can even bet on Farming Simulator, a game that, well, simulates farming.

Products such as UMode, a patented self-betting functionality developed by Unikrn, a brand owned by Entain, allow you to wager on your own competitions and performance with the platform giving you odds that you will try to beat – the very definition of skill betting! But there are still more markets inspired by esports, still, and one of those is Twitch betting – or betting on Twitch streamers.

Betting on Twitch streamers is a bit of a new concept, but one that is nevertheless taking off. Such betting options are not necessarily available at every esports site out there, but there are quite a few that are taking the idea more seriously today and making it happen.

Best Sites for Betting on Twitch Streamers

To help save you the trouble of looking for too long or too much, we have listed some of the best options if you are looking to bet on Twitch streamers. Check out the esports platforms that actually cover Twitch streaming betting here.

  1. GG.Bet

Each of these websites is reviewed thoroughly by our team which makes sure that there are sufficient betting markets to explore. Every esports betting platform may pick the streamers it runs markets on, but in general, you can expect to see the most prominent streaming personalities out there and place your Twitch bets with a trusted betting site.

What is Twitch Betting – Alternative eSports Betting on Twitch Streamers

So, you are keen to try what everyone has been talking about – Twitch betting. But are you actually aware of how the streaming platform can be used to springboard an entire “esports betting” market around it? Well, don’t worry as we know what this is and will help you understand it better.

Essentially you can think of betting on esports Twitch streamers as just another type of market. There are two distinct things to remember here – the streamers you bet on can play pretty much any game. They may stream themselves playing Fortnite, Rainbow Six Siege, Dota 2, League of Legends, Call of Duty, Fortnite, or something completely different.

The second thing to notice is that, unlike traditional esports betting, betting on Twitch steamers means betting on the best in-play markets. The nature of this type of betting is different, of course, as you will be betting against a timer and on a number of shifting objectives, which makes placing bets a lot of fun, but also a bit challenging in itself.

How Does Betting on Twitch Streamers Work?

But all in all, figuring out how Twitch betting works isn’t so hard after all. Essentially, you find an esports betting site that covers this segment. From there on in, you should have a fairly straightforward journey to placing your preferred wagers.

Still, you simply need to pick the streamer you are willing to back, and see what markets are available. Will Streamer A secure a triple kill in the next two minutes? Is he going to get shot down before the round is out?

These are just some of the markets you can explore yourself. This makes for a very fun and rewarding experience from start to finish, letting you focus on competitive odds and a few esports betting markets that are not necessarily tied to esports tournaments exclusively.

So, to sum it all up to place Twitch bets, you need to find a trusted esports betting site that supports them and has an excellent track record for providing the best esports odds and offering fans the opportunity to bet on a particular streamer.

Twitch Introduces “Predictions” for Streamers

There are other ways to bet on esports apart from seeking out esports betting markets available on websites. For starters, you may bet directly on the Twitch platform through something called “predictions.” Predictions are a functionality that is built directly into the streaming platform.

Twitch betting works in a very simple way with fans trying to guess whether a streamer will reach a specific milestone. Those who get it right will be rewarded with Channel Points Predictions. The rest will just not get the outcome right. It’s a great way to boost engagement, and content creators are definitely tinkering with this streamer setting a lot lately.

But Twitch bets placed directly on the platform do not generate real money wins. To try and win actual money, you will have to use the esports bookmakers that run Twitch streaming bets in a similar fashion they do their live betting markets.

Is Twitch Stream Betting for You?

This is a great question. There are different types of esports fans. Some people love watching casual games or following their favorite players on stream and do not bother much with following the “entire meta” of a particular game.

So, if you are already spending a lot of time on Twitch and watch a few streamers you are very happy with to keep following, then it may make a lot of sense to try betting on them – whether you do so through the built-in feature on Twitch directly or seek a third-party website as GG.Bet or any other licensed and trusted company in your jurisdiction.

Twitch streaming is actually much easier to pin down if you are a fan. Some esports aficionados much prefer it as they find it simpler to follow than say big tournaments for popular games such as CS:GO, Dota 2 or League of Legends.

With this being said, betting on Twitch streamers is less likely to turn real money from the bets you place. So, all in all, this type of wagering can be great, especially if you have a great bookmaker who provides it and loves watching some pro players. But in general, it’s more of a fun way to engage further with your viewing experience, so keep this in mind.

How to Bet on Twitch Streamers: Tips

If you are keen to bet on Twitch streamers and want to make the most out of this experience, we recommend you stick to some basic and helpful pieces of advice that will truly help you enjoy your gameplay and betting game a little more. Let’s take a look first.

#1 Know the Twitch Streamers Yourself

Another thing to pay attention to is who the Twitch streamers are. You will want to definitely focus on Twitch streamers that you know and that you have followed first-hand. Do not just bet on streamers because you know they are popular.

Rather, focus on turning your knowledge into fun bets. After all, the reason why Twitch streamer betting is so popular is not that it makes a lot of money – rather, you have another way to engage with your favourite streamers.

Bet on the streamers that you enjoy the most and you can expect much better results – and satisfaction rather than betting on the streamers that you do not know.

#2 Remember Not All Twitch Streamers Are Competitive

While you may want a streamer to reach a certain milestone, and have money riding on it, you must understand – not all streamers are necessarily looking to top the performance charts. There are many good esports streamers, but they are also prone to goofing on stream or just not trying to win so hard when not competing in big video game competitions.

This is why you ought to remind yourself that there is no actual way of knowing if a streamer will peak during a live stream or underperform. This is part of the fun about Twitch betting on streamers, and you will definitely be better off knowing this fact when you first start betting.

#3 Set a Budget and Have Fun

This is a pretty standard piece of advice and one that is bound to work in all cases. Basically, you want to make sure that you are betting within a specific budget or a limit. Why? Because this will make you more focused and it will even help you have a bit more fun.

The idea here is that it’s easy to get a little too carried away and bet without taking into consideration the level of risk you are looking at. You will be more focused and able to place your bets carefully, focusing on what is important and maintaining a good pace of play rather than spending too much on individual selections.

Should I Fear the Honesty of Twitch Streamers?

This is a great question and one that deserves answering. While most big esports competitions are usually put under scrutiny to find betting and gambling manipulations, Twitch streamers are not – especially if they are not competing.

However, this doesn’t mean that an attempt to manipulate one’s performance won’t be caught by the bookies. Remember, the bookmakers themselves have EVERY reason to see these streamers play naturally and not trying to stilt the results to win a big payday. While integrity is always a concern, you can rest assured that esports betting sites have the necessary monitoring and integrity tools to make sure you are safe and protected.

Final Words: Twitch Betting Works, Have Fun!

In conclusion, one thing is remarkably clear. Twitch streaming actually does work! What this means is you will have plenty of options to enjoy yourself in real-time and bet on your favorite streamers. Whether they will bring home the proverbial bacon is another matter altogether. What’s promised though is for you to have a lot of fun. Remember to only bet at the best esports bookmakers and bet responsibly while you are at it!

Betting on Twitch Streamers FAQs

Can I bet on Twitch streamers legally?

Yes, you can bet on Twitch streamers legally. This will also depend on whether esports betting has been legalized in the country where you are based currently.

Can I make money from betting on Twitch streamers?

Yes, you can theoretically win esports bets you place on a Twitch streamer and earn money. However, keep in mind that Twitch streamers are not always trying to win or being too competitive all the time.

With this in mind, there are many streamers who are there to just have fun and you may lose money if you expect them to perform in a way that they simply aren’t inclined to. After all, they are there to have fun, and not win The International for Dota 2. Try to understand the motivation of each Twitch streamer first.

How old do I need to be to bet on streamers?

If you want to bet on streamers on Twitch, you need to observe the local gambling laws in your country. The gambling age could be anything from 18 to 21. Each jurisdiction is free to set its own age restrictions, but the best esports bookmakers must make sure that they stick to existing regulations.

What games do Twitch streamers play?

Twitch streamers play pretty much all mainstream esports games. They will be competing in Dota 2, League of Legends, Valorant, and others. You can freely bet on any streamer and only on specific games if you prefer.

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