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Philippines Esports Betting Sites

Esports betting is actually quite popular in the Philippines a country with an established esports betting tradition. Today, we bring you a curated list of the best esports betting sites in the Philippines and how you can benefit from some excellent overall betting markets, esports tournament coverage, and more.


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The websites we bring you are a focal point of esports betting coverage in the country. They are legitimate operators that are known globally and some of the best online gambling platforms available out there. Anyone looking to place esports bets in the Philippines can do so freely at some of the top Filipino esports betting sites we recommend below. Let's get started.

Best Philippines Esports Betting Sites


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We have created a list of six highly-trusted esports betting websites in the Philippines that are popular with local gamers. These sites offer some of the best betting odds, feature free bets, and have extensive esports market coverage. You will find some of the top games and tournaments at these online sportsbooks along with many other options.

Filipino bettors looking for the best websites are very welcome to try these recommended websites. They will offer selections for your favorite esports teams and esports games and bring you the best esports betting markets available anywhere in the country. Feel free to read our full reviews for each brand before setting up your betting accounts.

How to Choose a Filipino Esports Betting Site

For those of you looking for the top online sportsbook, you will have several facts to consider. We have gone ahead and offered recommendations already based on several important criteria. To pick a great sportsbook in the Philippines and bet on esports we recommend that you keep an eye out for several things.

Pick the Most Trusted Esports Betting Sites in the Philippines

For starters, players are encouraged to check the reputation of each website. Nothing matters more to you than knowing that you have picked a trusted gaming site. There are several ways to establish this. First, you may look for an outright license, but you may also listen to your fellow Filipino gamers and what they think of a specific brand. Both ways work as long as they are carefully vetted.

Have a Variety of Esports Betting Options

The esports betting experience gets much better if you have enough esports games to bet on. That is why Filipino esports bettors always make sure to pick a site that covers numerous esports tournaments, games, and events. Keep in mind that Filipino gamers prefer different titles. Popular esports such as League of Legends, Dota 2, and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive are still sought after, but so are Wild Rift, PlayerUnknown's Battleground, and Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

Competitive Odds to Make the Most of Each Bet

The other important aspect of the experience at the top betting sites is the availability of competitive odds. What this means is that you may expect to find a number of great odds that will help you make the most out of your bets. The better the odds, the greater your return would be when you place a bet. That is why some betting experts recommend setting up accounts at several online sportsbooks at the same time.

Good Community and Customer Support

GG.Bet is one of the best examples of a community-building exercise we have. Esports at GG.Bet always feels fun because of the way the company focuses not just on gambling on esports, but also on creating a community about it. Having access to an esports betting site where you can actually communicate with the care agents if need be.

Banking and Paymnet Options in the Philippines

Esports betting Philippines can be fun but for many bettors, the really enjoyable part comes when they are able to cash out their money in the end. That is why almost everyone who ever bets on esports in the country is interested in online sportsbooks that offer flexible payment options. Instant cashouts and even cryptocurrencies are a preferred way of online betting and banking at some of the top esports betting sites in the Philippines.

Popular Games to Bet on Esports in the Philippines

Electronic sports is used as a blanket term in the Philippines. This means that just like regular sports, there are numerous disciplines or games on which you may place your esports wagers. There are tons of popular games, that are played as a form of mobile gaming, on desktop or mobile. As a result, you may bet on tons of esports games in the Philippines.

Popular titles for esports fans include League of Legends, Dota 2, Counter-Strike Global Offensive, Wild Rift, Honor of Kings, Overwatch, PUBG, Apex Legends, Valorant, Fortnite, Call of Duty, Rainbow Six, Hearthstone, Age of Empires II & IV, StarCraft II and Broodwar, Warcraft III, and many other titles currently available at the best betting sites.

There is even a growing interest in virtual sports, such as FIFA and NBA2K which are both perfect substitutes for traditional sports in the opinions of many passionate video gamers in the country. Betting in the Philippines will be focused on these games.

The top online betting sites in the country will definitely feature all of these selections, although if some are missing, you will find a trusted website that has covered those markets. All in all esports betting sites in the Philippines are very popular and you will be in no shortage of betting lines and great minimum odds!

Is Esports Betting Legal in the Philippines?

Yes, esports betting is legal in the Philippines. The only condition is that you must be at least 18 years of age. The other thing you ought to take into consideration is the fact that esports betting may be based on offshore sites. In other words, there is no Filipino esports betting regulator, which means that the betting sites available are mostly internationally licensed.

They operate in a sort of grey area whereby the government does not block them and esports fans can still make real money bets. You can bet legally at numerous websites, but presently, there are no Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation-licensed websites that accept esports. This is no big deal as the available esports betting sites are still some of the most trusted and reliable ones.

To sum up, yes, online gambling on esports in the Philippines is completely legitimate, but you still need to make sure that you are only sticking with the best esports betting sites available to you in the first place to guarantee the best possible outcomes for your wagers. We recommend sticking with online sportsbooks that are provably fair and may provide you with the full range of experiences you seek.

Can You Bet on Esports Live in the Philippines?

Yes, you may bet on esports live in the Philippines. The betting odds will change more rapidly during this type of betting, but you will be pleased with the results all the same. In-play esports gambling is arguably the most fun type of betting you can participate in as it allows you to be flexible and participate in some of the most engaging markets.

In-play markets on Dota 2, League of Legends, or CS:GO are an excellent way to enjoy yourself as they give you a lot of flexibility. The betting lines will be changing rapidly and this will add some challenges to the bets you may want to undertake. However, in-play betting is still the highest value betting market out there. It translates into better engagement and is generally preferred by most esports fans.

Even though the min odds will vary a lot, in-play betting still remains an all-time favorite, which should be enough to give Filipino gamers plenty of action. For those of you looking to join in on the competitive video games action as fans, the love markets are definitely your best bet!

What Esports Events Are Popular in the Philippines

When it comes to competitive video gaming, the top esports in the Philippines are more or less the same as anywhere else in the esports world. The electronic sports industry is truly global and uniform and even though there are some preferences for mobile gaming events in the Philippines, for example, the majority of competitions will be always popular with the top esports betting sites in the country.

This means that you will have a variety of worthwhile options, such as The International, the League of Legends Championships, all the regional DPC and LoL professional leagues, the Overwatch and Call of Duty League, the ESL and Intel events, Rainbow Six contests and so much more.

There is an unending variety of titles to choose from, same for the BLAST Premier series and just dozens and possibly hundreds of others. There are thousands of games played annually in a highly-competitive format which makes it easy for you to follow through and place a bet.

Esports Betting in the Philippines: Final Word

Esports betting in the Philippines is no doubt a lot of fun. While the country can definitely take better care of its esports industry and establish clearer-cut rules as to how esports betting should work, Filipino gamers are passionate bettors. They would never turn down the opportunity to place a wager on the team they support or the player they like watching. That is the country has a thriving betting environment that is growing.


Can I bet on esports legally in the Philippines?

Yes, it's completely legal for anyone of at least 18 years of age to bet on esports in the Philippines. While the Philippines does not explicitly offer licenses for online sportsbooks that wish to only offer esports betting specifically, Filipino bettors can place legitimate bettors and not worry about a thing.

Are there free bets at Filipino esports betting sites?

Yes, there are free bets at most available esports betting sites in the Philippines. Players will be able to benefit from various promotions available at those highly trusted websites including free wagers. Esports betting is mostly focused on the experience itself, but free bets are still available to elevate the experience and make it more worthwhile.

What are the most popular esports to bet on in the Philippines?

The Philippines has plenty of great esports to offer, and that includes Dota 2, League of Legends, and Valorant. These three games are quite popular and they are increasingly popular with esports bettors as well. Other worthwhile titles include Honor of Kings, PUBG, and Mobile Legends Bang Bang. Gaming in the Philippines is split between the main and most important desktop games and mobile esports.

What is the most popular esports betting site Philippines has to offer?

This will depend on the specific things you expect to find in your online betting experience. Some players will focus and prefer to find markets that cover pre-game matches. Others will prefer to focus on the in-play betting action and that is why most Filipino top online sportsbooks that cover esports try to balance well. We recommend GG.Bet or BetOnline as your go-to option. BetOnline even has Chinese user interface.