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Published: September 5, 2023

Written by: Stoyan Todorov

League of Legends is without a doubt one of the most popular esports games to enjoy today. Not only is the game played by millions around the globe – it’s also a constant source of entertainment for people who enjoy placing a bet on the outcome of matches and tournaments. Today, we take a look at the best League of Legends betting odds, and where to find them.

We will offer you a complete breakdown and guide into what odds are, how they work when applied to League of Legends betting and answer some questions that will help you understand betting lines so much better. Without further ado, we are very happy to provide you with all you need to know about betting odds in a League of Legends.

How Do Betting Odds Work in League of Legends

League of Legends betting odds are pretty much standard when it comes to the way they are displayed. There are three main types of odds that you can explore – decimal, fractional, and American. These odds are not “different” per se, but rather, they represent odds differently. We believe the best LoL odds at least in the way they are represented are decimal odds.

Decimal odds are very easy to read (although we have nothing against the rest of the odds and you are very free to use the formats if you see fit). Basically, decimal odds for League of Legends games and matches are represented as 1.50. What this means is that for every $1 you bet on a World Championship or regular season game, you will get $1.50 back. This includes your own bet and the expected profit you realize.

This is pretty much how every type of odds works. Basically, you have the money you need to put down and how much you can expect to win based on that. Clearly, the smaller the profit, the more likely the chance of an event happening. Therefore, betting on League of Legends is a matter of finding not just odds that you can read well enough, but also the best odds out there.

Where to Find the Best League of Legends Betting Odds?

This is a great question. One place to start is by visiting the best League of Legends betting sites first. You will be able to find a number of sites that are esteemed as some of the most trusted places where odds are listed. Each bookmaker on the list has been known to bring players some of the most worthwhile odds and markets for them to enjoy.

League of Legends players are still able to pick the sites that they prefer or even stick to a single website for their LoL bets and odds. However, it definitely helps to make sure that any time you bet on LoL matches, you do so from a website that is known to the industry and has an impeccable reputation for providing players with the best betting lines for League of Legends.

If you prefer, you can also use OddsGecko, which is a fantastic service that presents you with odds in real-time from multiple websites that are deemed to be some of the best places that you can visit and find competitive LoL betting odds. We will touch on OddsGecko a bit more later.

Do LoL Odds Differ from One Betting Site to the Next?

Some esports fans who have been betting on League of Legends for a while now may notice that some betting sites tend to offer different odds. These differences are not often major – in fact, most of the sites make sure to keep the fairly same odds across the board. Why are differences then?

Well, League of Legends betting odds are not something you get in black and white. Odds are basically the theoretical probability of something happening. This means that someone has to calculate the odds as it were. Most betting sites out there have their own dedicated “trading teams” which try to analyze events, performance, and stats.

They leverage AI, personal knowledge, and mathematical training to make executive decisions about LoL odds. Essentially, you have people who are trying to guess what the chances of something happening in a League of Legends match is. Each team works independently from the other betting site.

After all, these betting sites are competitors and they want to provide bettors with the best League of Legends odds but at the same time – make sure that they still win a lot. It’s a constant competition that benefits League of Legends esports fans and bettors. Competition between esports bookmakers also helps you find the best options before you start betting.

In a word, esports bookmakers have everything to win by providing you with odds that they have verified you themselves and nothing to really gain by simply copying other companies’ odds.

Where to Find Live League of Legends Betting Odds

Now, this is a good quest. There are many betting options out there, but where do you actually end up finding the best odds available to you? This is not so difficult, in fact. As mentioned before – OddsGecko is a great place to start. The site will provide you with a highly-competitive experience and you will be able to choose from numerous games and options for the top esports, including League of Legends.

The way OddsGecko works is it displays a given game. When you click on the game you want to bet on, you will see multiple esports bookmakers offering you coverage and odds for said game. This way, you can quickly, easily and reliably pick one bookmaker that seems to be offering truly worthwhile odds which will make it alright for you to bet on the best possible odds.

You can also choose to just stick with esports bookmakers that you already have and compare the odds manually for each upcoming League of Legends tournament and big game, which is also a valid way to enjoy yourself.

What Markets and LoL Odds Are There?

There are many different betting markets to pick from, making for a highly rewarding experience. Mostly, the odds will be tied to a specific market that you will be able to place a wager on. There are many different such markets to explore and enjoy in real-time. They include match bets, outright winners, map winners, handicap bets, correct score, first blood, most kills, total maps, and others.

These markets are just some of the options, of course. Categories such as Player Props and Team Props will actually offer you many exceptional League of Legends markets to explore along with their odds. These markets are a mix of pre-game and in-play betting options, which brings us to the next part of this article – live betting and odds for League of Legends.

In-play Odds for League of Legends

It’s not too hard to pinpoint the available League of Legends odds for pre-game markets and wagers. After all, there isn’t too much to worry about or think about – at least not in real time. You analyze a game, and you pick a market based on the best possible odds out there.

In-play odds though are a different beast altogether. They are fast, change all the time, and present you with many new opportunities to experience betting on League of Legends. The live odds are also quite a bit more challenging to sort out as they will be more dynamic and will require split-second decisions in most cases. Then again, these odds will also allow you to win bigger margins and have great overall results.

What LoL Odds Bring the Best Long-Term Value?

So, you may be wondering – what odds are actually best and how do you know that they are best. As noted before in the article, the surest way to find great odds is to do one thing in particular – pick the most trusted websites. Next, you need to quickly compare the odds across some of the websites that you know you can trust. Basically, you want to make sure that no matter what you are betting on, you have chosen the best possible odds that are offered to you.

Generally, though, you can talk about the best odds in relation to a market. So, a match bet is usually the best way to approach LoL betting in the long term. Put this way, match bets will allow you to balance between risk and reward and score more wins if you are aware of all the things that surround a particular team or a group of players. Besides that, though, there are some great values in options such as parlay wagers.

Parlays will usually allow you to combine multiple bets together which can have some very good returns if you actually end up winning the parlay. While parlays hit less often than match winners (by a considerable margin) you can find some fantastic odds, low upfront stake amount, and the opportunity to realize a tidy profit.

Once again, you need to understand that LoL betting is only meant as a form of entertainment and it’s by no means financial advice. This is why you should keep your cool when betting on League of Legends, trust the best online bookmakers first focus on bringing your knowledge and never bet rashly or put too much money on a single wager.

This is the best way to ensure that you are having the most fun betting on League of Legends and finding the best odds in the process!

Final Word on League of Legends Betting Odds

League of Legends betting is full of surprises and challenges, with players always finding some good pick to lean in on. While challenges do exist, betting is a fun and reading experience that is great when applied to League of Legends matches, especially when taken in moderation.

To get these results, however, you will need to know how to read LoL odds and understand which online bookmakers offer you the best variety. Take a closer look at the available options and make sure that you are only betting with odds that give you a better chance of turning your LoL bets into success.

League of Legends Betting Odds FAQs

Players naturally have more questions about League of Legends betting odds and they like to make sure that they understand them best. Here, we will answer all the questions that you may have about LoL betting odds.

Where do I find the best LoL betting odds? has a great track record for covering global League of Legends esports and you will not be mistaken to trust this bookmaker first and foremost. As usual, you may want to consider taking a closer look at some of the other top-recommended LoL betting sites.

How do I know if the odds I am betting on are the best?

To get the best odds betting on League of Legends you simply need to stick with the best and most trusted websites that provide you with competitive odds. Sometimes knowing which sites to pick is time-consuming, but thankfully you can manage to quickly seek alternatives by referring to the list available at Esports Grizzly or visiting OddsGecko instead.

Do I need to always bet with the best odds?

This depends. Generally, yes. However, if you need to register at a new bookmaker to just place one bet, then you may want to take slightly worse odds if it’s a one-off thing. Otherwise, it’s good to have registrations at two or three bookmakers and keep shuffling through to get the best possible value for your bets.

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