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Published: September 12, 2023

Written by: Stoyan Todorov

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is one of the most competitive video games in the world. Today, we take a look at the equally competitive CS:GO odds and where to find the best markets and coefficients yourself. We will provide you with a quick breakdown of real-time betting odds for CS:GO, but also help you read the odds yourself, and pick the sites that actually have the best odds to begin with.

This article will talk about what types of betting markets and odds there are, how live and pre-game odds are different, and why it is important to always bet at a website that offers you the best odds possible.

Best CS:GO Odds in Real-Time

Below is a feed provided by OddsGecko and other partners who make sure to bring you the best possible odds for CS:GO. We offer you a breakdown of the odds in real-time so that you always have a quick way to sift through the most competitive markets and choose them yourself.

All of the odds presented here are updated rapidly to reflect any changes in a particular outcome’s probability giving you a powerful one-stop-shop for comparing and leveraging odds rapidly and to your benefit.

How to Read CS:GO Odds

Players who are new to CS:GO may actually feel a little daunted at all the coefficients that they have to go through to place a bet on the outcome of a game. Don’t worry, because esports odds are actually very easy to read. Most betting sites follow the Decimals format, although you can pick from American and Fraction odds format as well.

The way CS:GO odds work right now is quite straightforward. If you are given odds of 3.5, for example, and you bet $100, this means that you stand to win $350. This is your $100, plus the $250 you get on top of your original bet. The Decimals format is often the easiest one to follow and most esports players agree that it’s the best way to read into the odds and use this information to place your own wagers in the end.

Decimals are used by all the best CS:GO betting sites which will make it easy for you to place your CS:GO wager and stay competitive. Remember to benefit from the best odds by referencing our feeds or heading over to OddsGecko.

What Types of CS: GO Odds Are There

As mentioned earlier, there are different types of esports betting odds, and the same applies to CS:GO odds. Essentially, Decimals are the most popular “European” type of odds, but they have been used with relative success in many other sportsbooks and esports betting sites around the world.

They are very easy to read and perhaps the easiest to read when all things are said and done which is precisely what they owe their popularity to. Then again, there are other types of odds as well American and Fractional CS:GO odds.

The way these differ is not that great in principle so CS:GO players will have no trouble catching up on what is particular about each of the available odds lists. American odds are basically exemplified as minus and plus amount. The minus amount tells you who the favorite is.

The plus tells you who the underdog is. So, a bet of -120 means that you need to bet $120 to get an expected return of 1. If you are betting +120, this means that you bet $100 to get back $120, i.e. you are betting on the underdog.

Then, there are the fractional odds which are very easy to interpret as well. For example, if you have odds of 9/1 this means that if you bet $1 on the game of CS:GO, you are expected to win $9. So, the right part of the odds tells you how much you need to bet, and the left one – how much you stand to win if the outcome you are backing actually comes out true.

Forearmed with this knowledge of CS:GO betting odds, you will have no problem navigating the best betting sites that cover the odds for you. Let’s take a look at what the difference between some types of odds is after all.

What Are Pre-Game and Live CS:GO Odds

Now that you know about the different ways to read CS:GO odds, it’s time to also take a look at what main types of wagers you can place. There are generally two – pre-game and in-play. In-play refers to wagers that you make on Counter-Strike games that are already in progress.

Pre-game wagers are only placed on games that haven’t started yet. Both types of wagers have their advantages, and admittedly – in-play betting is indeed a bit more competitive and harder to sort out, but then again – players can expect to find better yields if they know what they are doing.

The main difference is that pre-game bets are fixed and sorted out at the end of a game. When you are betting on in-play wagers on the other hand, you will notice that there are many additional things that you can undertake in order to influence a game. For example, if you are betting on two teams, to wit G2 Esports and Na’Vi in real-time, you may place bets in rea-time.

This means that if you decide to back the losing team and that same team suddenly makes a comeback, your bet is going to produce a much stronger overall result. You can also bet on individual outcomes of the game – such as who will secure the next round, or map. These types of in-play wagers are very entertaining, and they are one of the fastest-growing part of the experience as well.

Where to Find the Best CS:GO Odds

Once you know a little more about the available CS:GO betting odds, it’s time to look at some of the top websites that actually provide them. There are numerous licensed and regulated sites that will provide you with access to the most worthwhile betting options out there and they are considered industry leaders for their solid track record in providing players with the necessary variety of betting options on popular CS:GO events and competitions. is a premier CS:GO betting site where you will find some of the best odds. The brand is an official partner to Evil Geniuses, a prominent North American esports organization that competes in Counter-Strike and many other prominent video games.

Bitcasino does not offer a welcome bonus to new players, but it is very much worth your while. The esports platform has a great loyalty experience, some of the most competitive CS:GO odds and a great selection of mainstream and niche markets, making for one of the best betting experiences you will ever have.

The site has tons of excellent CS:GO markets and odds to offer you and you will definitely get excellent fixtures for Evil Geniuses games.


Cloudbet is another excellent CS:GO betting site that brings highly competitive odds. Cloudbet frequently runs “zero-juice” markets, which means that you do not have to pay any vig or fee to the site to cash out your wagers.

The bookmaker also provides players with a strong variety of betting markets for CS:GO and across all major competitive events, whether this is the Blast Premier Series, Intel Extreme Masters, and any other major competition.

Cloudbet runs exclusive promotions and odds boosters for individual events and generally has a number of additional proposition markets that cover interesting outcomes of each game with many options to bet on individual players or particular outcomes of the games you are wagering on. is another prominent betting site that offers extensive coverage of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and offers excellent esports odds across the board. Players can expect to find an intuitive betting platform that is lased-focused on bringing you the best possible markets for the game.

Players get to bet on pre-game and in-play wagers and enjoy competitive odds that are tailored to cater to the esports experience for the most dedicated bettors and fans. offers extensive coverage on every big esports event, and that includes CS:GO.

In terms of market competitiveness, the bookmaker has done a good job of making sure that it runs a robust offer with the coefficients competitive and offering optimized selections. You will find to run fair CS:GO odds and while there are no bonuses, the fact that you can benefit from some of the most worthwhile betting markets is in itself sufficient reward.


Betway is a big name among esports betting fans and CS:GO fans in particular, and – as you can expect – the bookmaker offers some of the best odds for Counter-Strike events and competitions. This is not by chance.

Betway has long been one of the most represented betting brand in CS:GO. The bookmaker sponsors events, teams, and has generally been a strong ambassador for the development esports and CS:GO. Over the past years, the bookmaker has offered solid funding for various local esports events and top-tier teams from across the globe.

Betway is great on every level when it comes to CS:GO odds and betting options. The bookmaker runs frequent “odds boosts” which are designed to help you get a few more interesting selectins underway. The odds boosts are actually quite frequent which means that you have plenty of options to boost your CS:GO betting game with Betway.  


GG.Bet is all about building a sound community around its products and offers. The bookmaker brings you excellent betting odds and is one of the options you can have on your list when looking for the best CS:GO odds. Referencing GG.Bet against other sites will usually give you access to the best betting options and help you always bet on your favorite Counter-Strike events while benefiting from the most worthwhile odds.

GG.Bet has an active community that appreciates CS:GO and where you can find some of the best odds precisely because of the transparent manner in which GG.Bet interacts with esports fans and allows them to be involved.

What Markets Have the Best CS:GO Odds

Apart from looking for the best odds on the market, we may as well point you in the general direction of some of the most worthwhile markets that will provide you with a strong variety of betting options for CS:GO. Some of the best odds are usually available for markets such as total rounds, rounds handicap, and correct map score and others.

These markets are actually quite interesting, and they often come with some very tempting odds. Of course, to make the most out of any of these markets you will have to meet two specific conditions. One is that you need to find the best odds for them – which is where the second thing comes in – you need to pick the best CS:GO betting sites that offer you competitive odds.

Besides, you can always compare odds for specific markets across different CS:GO esports betting sites and see what CS:GO odds are available.

CS:GO Odds: Don’t Give Up on the Best Odds

Finding the best CS:GO odds is a matter of having a look at the top bookmaker that cover Counter-Strike events. If you are keen to always have a look at the best odds, you may as well have a look at OddsGecko or pick one of the bookmakers we have recommended. This way you will have access to some of the leading fixtures, options, and markets, and enjoy placing a wager safe in the knowledge that you have found the most worthwhile and competitive odds.

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