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Published: July 3, 2023

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The Greater Manchester Police will not be raising charges against Invictus R6 coach Ellis “GiG” Hindle regarding the allegations of assault of his ex-girlfriend dating back to April this year. That was announced by GiG himself on Wednesday this week. The coach said that the police found no evidence supporting the allegations and that he was released.

Accusations against GiG Date to April, He Was Arrested in June

It was back in April when Ellis “GiG” Hindle, the famous Invictus Gaming Rainbow Six Siege coach was accused by his ex-girlfriend of assault. A report of the alleged incident was filed with the Greater Manchester Police the same month which led to GiG’s arrest on June 11.

Back then, the coach rejected the allegations. Additionally, GiG said that he had proof that the allegations are false and revealed that he will show his side of the story. At the time GiG also said that he is going to let the police do their job.

The Police Won’t Be Taking Further Actions against the Famous Coach

Now, the coach posted an update on Twitter describing the latest on his “personal situation.” GiG revealed that on Saturday, September 11, he agreed with the police that they won’t be taking “further action” on any of the allegations that were investigated.

He explained that this means that the Greater Manchester Police did not find any evidence which supported the allegations made by his ex-girlfriend. GiG revealed that there are no charges filed against him and he can now move forward. He outlined that this occurrence helped him learn a lot about himself and acknowledged that he will be more careful moving forward.

Stay strong guys, stick to your morals, believe in the truth and there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel,” reads a statement released by GiG via Twitter

GiG said that he is happy that he can now concentrate on moving forward with the team. The coach thanked his friends, family, Invictus Gaming, his teammates and everyone who supported him during this “dark time” of his life.

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