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Published: February 23, 2022

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  • GOG suggests users install Windows if they want to play GOG games on the Deck
  • The store will rely on the Steam Deck’s open architecture
  • Some people are already suggesting alternatives to play CD Projekt games on the Deck

Much to the chagrin of CD Projekt games fans, GOG will not be supporting Valve’s soon-to-be-released Steam Deck.

GOG Will Not Support the Steam Deck

Valve’s Steam Deck has been one of the most anticipated electronics gadgets these past few months, and after some delays, the console is releasing on February 25. And while Valve will obviously support its own console, this is not the case for CD Projekt-owned GOG. The platform recently announced on Twitter that it does not plan to run official support for the Steam Deck.

This news was not received well by many fans. However, as of now, GOG’s decision holds. The platform might be relying on the more open architecture of the Deck, suggesting users who want to play CD Projekt games download Windows. For reference, the Stem Deck’s default operating system is the Linux-based SteamOS.

Technically, GOG is just a storefront, so it makes sense it does not support the Deck, much to the chagrin of many CD Projekt games fans. However, GOG Galaxy client is still being actively developed and expanded, and there is fan demand and a wishlist page for a Linux client of GOG Galaxy. But the store has been known to oppose DRM, or digital rights management, which is seen as an anti-consumer practice that makes it harder to actually own games over longer periods.

How Can CD Projekt Fans Play Games on the Deck?

As mentioned before, it seems GOG is going to rely on the Steam Deck’s open architecture. Since the console is technically more like a compact PC, rather than a handheld and tabletop console like the Nintendo Switch, it is possible to install other operating systems on it. GOG has suggested players install Windows on it, but that might prove to be difficult from a user perspective, or someone not so tech-savvy.

 Some fans, responding to GOG’s tweet, suggested using the Linux-based launcher Lutris, which allows players to access their game libraries on Steam, Epic, GOG, and Humble Bundle. The catch is that until the Deck starts shipping out and users start playing around with its software, it is unknown if Lutris will work on the console. However, considering both it and SteamOS are Linux-based, the likelihood Lutris will eventually run well on the console.

With developers teasing Steam Deck games and saying that the device was relatively easy to use, it should not be surprising if users quickly figure out a way to play Witcher 3 on the console.

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