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Published: December 16, 2021

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  • Gen.G CEO Chris Park steps down and moves to an advisory role
  • Current COO Arnold Hur is stepping in as the company’s new CEO
  • Gen.G is working on a multi-pronged approach for advancing esports

Esports powerhouse Gen.G is rotating two of its top executives to focus on their respective passions within the ecosystem with Arnold Hur now stepping in as a CEO for the company.

Gen.G Fine-tunes Growth Strategy with Job Reshuffle

Gen.G has announced a quick reshuffle of its executive team with the current Chief Operating Officer and co-president, Arnold Hur, stepping in the position of a Chief Executive Officer. This comes as the current executive, Chris Park, is stepping back into an advisory position for the company.

Park is more involved with the development of the organization’s sports and education pillars and will leave the running of the esports outfit to Hur.

Hur has hands-on experience with running esports operations as he has been doing since 2019. He will seek to establish and expand the company’s esports training program and help develop various community initiatives, Gen.G explained in a press release. Hur said:

“I’m very excited by the incredible cultural impact our organization has had on the esports industry due to the global community that we’ve built of players, fans, and business partners.”

Gen.G CEO Arnold Hur

Hur talked about what is important when building a community, saying that a conversation with all parties involved is key to success. The Gen.G brand will continue to expand across the world and establish deeper ties with communities, Hur added.

Part of this expansion is working with numerous prominent partners, including LG Ultragear, PUMA, and McDonalds, and generally bringing business and audiences together through esports.

Building the Future of Esports through Gen.G’s Brand

Gen.G Chairman Kevin Chou welcomed the appointment of Hur and relocation of Arnold within the organization:

“Arnold has built incredible momentum around the organization to capitalize on some of the most exciting game-changing opportunities that are emerging.”

Gen.G Chairman Kevin Chou

Chou is also confident that the organization is in a position to help new partners enter the esports ecosystem with understanding and learning from the organization’s experience. Apart from esports, though, Gen.G is interested in integrations with the metaverse.

As the nature of engagement and esports changes, Chou believes that Hur will play a crucial role in Gen.G’s future success during what he describes as a period of exciting changes. Gen.G has established a footprint for a community-driven organization that always seeks to advance esports.

Earlier this year, the University of Michigan and Gen.G teamed up to introduce a series of esports events for the Rocket League and League of Legends. Gen.G is not just a highly successful esports team. It’s embracing esports culture in a way that allows it to grow organically and sustainably.

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