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Published: November 3, 2021

Written by: Barney

  • Parody game Crab Game has a critical flaw that allows streamers to be DDoSed
  • The developers have gone on Twitter to warn content creators of the bug
  • They apologize for the inconvenience and promise to fix the issue in the next few days

Popular Twitch streamers xQc and Sodapoppin get DDoS attacked after accidentally leaking their IP addresses while playing the parody Crab Game.

Streamers get DDoSed

Netflix’s psychological thriller and battle-royal-style series Squid Game has broken many records since its airing, prompting many to cash in on the trending topic. From youtubers, to streamers, to celebrities, a lot of people seem to be making often hilarious content inspired by the show, and one such thing is the knockoff game Crab Game, which parodies Squid Game’s concept.

Naturally many streamers have taken up the game and two of them are xQc and Sodapoppin. Unfortunately, those two recently had severe problems while streaming the game. They got DDoSed.

On November 1st they were playing the recently released parody game on Twitch, however, their IP address was leaked, because the game’s public lobby mode leaked his IP. Normally you would not want to share your IP with thousands of people watching you, but this case in particular was even worse, as the streamers got targeted by hackers who overwhelmed their internet router with traffic, effectively stopping it.

Sodapoppin was so confused after the attack, still thinking it might be an issue with his connection, that he even asked the DDoSer to attack him again, just to check things.

Crab Game Dev Addresses the Issue in Twitter

Shortly after the attack, the game’s developer went on Twitter to apologize for what he considers to be a flaw in his design and issue a warning to all content creators.

Dani, the developer, wrote that streamers should stay away from public lobbies in Crab Game for a few days until the issue has been fixed.

In the tweet’s answers, Dani explained why the problem occurred in the first place. He wrote that the game is built on Facepunch Steam P2P networking, which is apparently quite insecure because it can sometimes leak the IP address. The reason for this was that at the time it seemed like a fast and simple solution to a problem. Dani went on to explain that he will switch to a more secure network, but it might take a few days to do it.

“Sorry to everyone who was affected by this, I should’ve done more research before implementing networking the way I did.”, he apologized.

Responses in the comment thread seem to be positive, as fans of the game have praised the developer’s efforts and honesty.

Although the game’s Steam description says “Definitely not based on any online streaming pop culture Korean tv shows, as that would get me in legal trouble, so we’re certainly not doing that.”, you can still check it out here if you want a fun parody game.

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