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Published: October 14, 2021

Written by: Silvia Pavlof

  • Blizzard has announced that the upcoming Season of Mastery servers will have some differences from Classic
  • The difficulty of raids has been adjusted to provide a more engaging experience but players will also get some boons
  • The schedule for the content release will be more dynamic and exciting

Here are some of the differences between World of Warcraft Classic and the upcoming Season of Mastery servers.

Season of Mastery Raids Will be More Difficult than Classic

Blizzard will be making some changes to the World of Warcraft Classic in the upcoming Season of Mastery servers. The changes will provide a fresher experience that answers to modern fans’ demands, without sacrificing the original World of Warcraft magic.

The season of mastery will return players to Azeroth once again as it will be a pure vanilla experience without the recently-added The Burning Crusade Classic expansion and its Outland content.

However, this time the difficulty of raids will go up a bit in order to provide for a more satisfying end-game experience. The changes are welcome to people who don’t enjoy the leveling and RP experience and breeze through it in order to enjoy the game’s high-level content.

Players will no longer be able to use world buffs in raids and steamroll through the final challenges and will instead have to adopt a more tactical approach. Additionally, bosses will have longer health bars as well as some abilities from the original 2000s WoW that got removed in Classic’s first release.

Players are also given a boost as bosses will no longer have debuff limits, meaning that every player can make the most out of their character’s kit.

More Convenience and Faster Progression

Season of Mastery won’t rely solely on an increased difficulty but will also bring new conveniences to players. Fans will gain experience at a speed similar to the one in The Burning Crusade. It will still be harder to go from 1 to 60 than it is in modern WoW but will be a bit quicker than in the original Classic. 

Professions will also get some love as there will be an increased quantity of ores and herbs to mine and gather. Meeting stones will also be given a purpose and will work like the summoning stones from later generations of WoW.

It is possible that loot and honor gain will see some work, although Blizzard isn’t sure how to proceed about it.

One of the most important differences in Season of Mastery is that it will release content on a much more regular basis than Classic did. Classic took several months over a year to release all of its content. In comparison, Season of Mastery will have a regular 12-month schedule that will see new content added to the game every two months. This time PVP will be introduced at the game’s start, instead of getting added later.

Blizzard’s likely idea is to host a new Season of Mastery each year, giving fans the chance to relive their childhood memories anew. The company is already beta testing the new servers.

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