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Published: September 21, 2021

Written by: David

  • A long-anticipated patch for WoW is expected to fix plenty of issues and introduce more customization options for the game’s characters
  • WoW fans on Reddit ask Blizzard to improve the animation quality of some characters
  • Unhappy users argue that the facial hair of game characters looks glued on

In light of the upcoming Shadowlands Patch 9.1.5, WoW fans are wondering if Blizzard will improve the animation quality of the characters. Although the patch introduces many fixes, fans of the game have flagged that currently, the facial hair of some characters looks “massacred.”

Shadowlands Patch 9.1.5 Brings Fixes, What About Character Looks?

World of Warcraft’s Shadowlands, Patch 9.1.5 is expected to bring plenty of fixes and changes to the game. Among those fixes, we expect a change within the Conduit Energy, Covenant system, as well as removing the AoE cap. Although some of the changes are long-anticipated, a solid date for the launch of the new Patch 9.1.5 is yet to be confirmed.

Besides fixing issues within the game, the patch is expected to introduce more customization options for the characters. However, even at this point, some WoW fans want assurances that the patch will fix additional issues, especially ones related to the animation quality of the characters.

A Reddit discussion started by user “FlySaw” outlines their concern on how his Pandaren character was “massacred.” The user was referring to the character’s outlook, specifically his beard. Frustrated by the situation, the user outlined that the “underlying facial hair texture for Pandaren males was removed.” FlySaw said that this resulted in a bad look for the facial hair of the character that seems to be “looking like it’s glued on their faces.

The player acknowledged that the new customizations which the patch will bring are a dream come true. However, FlySaw said that hopes are that Blizzard will also focus on quality. Another point which the user raised is that “much of the new customization has low res texture and is poorly made.” In conclusion, the user said: “I also wish they’d add back the underlying facial hair texture and the ability to use old eyes with their original faces.

“The Massacre” of Facial Hair Is Present for More WoW Characters

A user nicknamed “Diovania” shared his concern by saying that all facial hair in the game looks glued on. They said that “None of the artists know how beards f**king grow,” and pointed out that once the camera is tilted under the character, the beards are either “paper-thin under the jaw, or there’s not enough volume under the neckline.”

Another user, nicknamed “Wojtasz78” joined the discussion and pointed out that the underlying facial hair texture was removed from characters of all races, not only the Pandaren.

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