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Published: December 20, 2021

Written by: David Kent

  • World of Warcraft has accumulated much story content over the past 17 years
  • It gets difficult for new players to be able to play through it
  • Players demand new expansion to help newcomers understand the story

World of Warcraft players are eager to get new content in future updates, in the hopes of helping newcomers understand previous expansions more easily.

WoW’s Content Drought

Built on the lore and even engine of the Warcraft RTS series of the early 2000s, World of Warcraft has been a staple of the gaming industry for more than 17 years now. With millions of past and present players, the game has cemented its place in the history of gaming.

The franchise’s story has been built for many years now, and despite it not being a crucial part for many players, it is still integral to the structure of the game as a whole. All that grinding, shiny gear, killing mobs, and going on raids is intrinsically tied to World of Warcraft’s lore. It provides players with an initiative for playing and is also the basis for future content.

However, the release of story-based content in recent times has dried up, which concerns players. Players want new updates but this time there is a more practical twist to their requests.

A New Update for New Players Is Needed

With eight expansions so far, there is a lot of content for any newcomer to digest. Right now, newcomers don’t have a proper way to experience older content as the game speeds players up to the current campaign. This can be a major hurdle for new players to get well-versed in the world of Wow.

On the official World of Warcraft subreddit, a user by the name of kajidourden expressed their disappointment in the sort of “boosting” to get to newer content. They said it’s “infuriating” that they were automatically boosted to level 50 by the game and not being able to go through more than half the game’s content.

The player eventually managed to circumvent this speeding through the content in the form of turning off XP gains, however, they still feel they missed a lot of the story. Even if you turn off XP gains, there are MAJOR story beats that are completely missing from the experience,” they wrote.

“It’s hard enough to care about what I’m being forced to do if I don’t understand any of the significance,” kajidourden explained. The game essentially forces new players to play just the newest expansions of the game, which makes them miss important information. Perhaps when Blizzard fixes the many hurdles it’s had this year, they should think about making a WoW update, aimed to help new players get more invested in the game.

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