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Published: October 26, 2021

Written by: Silvia Pavlof

  • Dataminers have found reworked models of human houses in WoW 9.1 files
  • The models have their shapes, colors and textures dramatically improved
  • The finding implies that a big WoW update might be coming

New models of the human buildings have been found in WoW 9.1 files, suggesting that a big rework of Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms might be on the way.

Some Models in WoW Haven’t Been Touched Since 2004

World of Warcraft data miners have found quite a curious find. The fans unearthed new 3D models for several of the human structures in the game, suggesting that some of the next big updates will see the older zones reworked.

The models in question are the beloved cozy medieval-looking human buildings that Alliance players have grown to love. Unlike other civilizations in the game, the humans have barely had any updates to their structures since the game’s very release in 2004.

Cataclysm saw some major upgrades to the overall look of some zones in Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms. Moreover, the orcs and undead on the Horde’s side got a plethora of new models and reworked settlements. Orgrimmar, the capital of the Horde orcs received an entirely new look.

Yet, there were many zones and settlements that went completely untouched by Cataclysm. If one is to hop in WoW retail, they would notice a significant disparity between Shadowlands graphics and old-world graphics. The difference is especially jarring when one does some of the seasonal events that take place in the older zones.

New Building Models Suggest a Big Update is Coming

Yesterday, a Reddit user by the name Nilocor shared some photos of reworked human buildings. According to him, the photos come from unused files in World of Warcraft 9.1.

The images show a reworked version of several reworked buildings, among which a cottage, an inn, and a barn. They all have had their shapes reworked to better fit the WoW style, on top of having their colors and textures completely changed.

WoW is currently experiencing what fans are calling a “content drought”, so there is still no news about when this hypothetical update is coming. It isn’t far-fetched to consider that the new buildings won’t be coming until the next WoW expansion. Shadowlands takes place in an entirely different plane of existence, so, sadly, there is not much base to believe these buildings are coming anytime soon.

If we have to take guesses, it’s possible that the next expansion will bring players back to the old zones in Azeroth, just like Cataclysm and Battle for Azeroth did. If this were to happen, it is possible that we’ll see other civilizations’ buildings get some love as well.

On the contrary, it is entirely possible that the models will only be used in upcoming zones that we are yet to see. We can’t know for sure if Blizzard is truly planning to rework the Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor or if the story will continue somewhere else where humans will build new settlements in this reworked style.

It is far too early to draw conclusions, but whatever the case, the new models look great and Alliance fans can rejoice that they will be getting them sometime in the future.

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