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Published: December 26, 2023

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • Notorious leaker ValorLeaks revealed some upcoming cosmetics for VALORANT
  • One of them will also include a special melee in the shape of a splitting maul
  • However, fans don’t really seem to like the new cosmetics

Season 8 Episode 1 of VALORANT will be released on January 10 and it will introduce three new skinlines available through the battlepass.

New Skins Leaked

Only a couple of weeks separate us from the next season of VALORANT, which will bring a lot of new cosmetics. A few weeks before Season 8 Episode 1 begins, the new sets of weapon skins have been revealed by notorious leaker ValorLeaks. These will be separated into three distinct collections and will be available through the battlepass, purchasers of which will be able to grind for the new cosmetics.

The first of these collections is the Fiber Optic Skinline, which will consist of skins for four weapons including Classic, Ghost, Marshal, and the Spectre. These have a somewhat utilitarian design with not too many fancy or contrasting colors and will be available in three different variants – Turquoise, Silver, Gold, and Emerald.

Next, Season 8 will see the introduction of the Guardrail Skinline. This has a black and golden theme with some parts accentuated on the dark matte body of the weapon. There is also a hint of red within the weapon in the form of a capsule-like element. The Guardrail Skinline will be available for the Frenzy, Shorty, Guardian, Vandal, and a special melee in the shape of a splitting maul.

Finally, we have the Tactiplay Skinline. Unlike the previous two, this skinline features a rather garish design combining a mic of deep purple and neon green. Some VALORANT fans have compared the design to toys or even the wrapping paper of some candies. The Tactiplay Skinline is definitely not to everyone’s taste but it will also be available for four weapons – Phantom, Bulldog, Stinger, and Odin.

Leaking skins often generate a lot of hype for an upcoming VALORANT update, however, this doesn’t seem to be the case with the current collection. Instead, many players have been rather disappointed. Some have commented that the Fiber Optic Skinline is somewhat basic and have not liked it, despite it having four different varieties. But the Tactiplay Skinline is the one that received the most criticism with fans often mocking its toy-like appearance. Fans have even compared it to a poor rework of the BlastX Collection, which was released in December 2020.

Some of these weapon skins will be available as part of the free tier of the battlepass for the next season, but most will be accessible only behind a paywall.

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