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Published: December 26, 2023

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • The new gun will be released with the start of VALORANT’s next season in January
  • It will stay somewhere between the existing Operator and Marshal in terms of stats and cost
  • However, reception by the community has thus far been somewhat mixed

VALORANT will have a new weapon included in the game for the first time since the title was released back in 2020.

New Sniper Leaked

It has become somewhat customary for new features added to VALORANT to be leaked several days or weeks before they are officially announced by Riot Games. With Episode 8 Act 1 of the game arriving in early January, this has prompted many leakers to reveal information about the upcoming update.

One of the more interesting things coming to the next season of VALORANT is a new sniper rifle called the Outlaw. This will be the first weapon to make its way into the game since its release in June 2020, meaning it’s a rather big change that might even see the meta shift a bit.

According to the leaked data, the new weapon might sit somewhere between the existing Operator and Marshal. It will be able to inflict a maximum damage of 238 HP with a headshot and a minimum damage of 119 HP if you hit an enemy’s legs. This is a serious amount of damage, but it will be offset by the relatively small ammunition capacity. Players will have a total of 12 rounds, with two being on the gun and ten in reserve.

What Else Do We Know?

The prominent data miner ValorLeaks also revealed a few more details about the new weapon. For example, it is a single-scope sniper similar to Marshal, but when firing unscoped it will not be as accurate as it. However, it will still be better than the Operator, alluding to the theories that the Outlaw will sit somewhere between the already existing weapons.

There also seems to be a difference in reload speeds between reloading an empty magazine and reloading with one bullet remaining in the gun. “Something I have not confirmed yet BUT, seems the reload speed is faster when there is 1 in the mag already,” ValorLeaks explained.

Additionally, the Outlaw upon release will be priced at 2400 Creds. This means it will be a somewhat expensive purchase considering that it would most likely be used in early rounds or during force buys. Comparing it to the Operator’s price of 4700 and the Marshal’s price of 950, the difference is rather dramatic. Many players discussed in what situations would the Outlaw be a proper purchase with opinions being quite varied.

The new sniper rifle isn’t the only thing that ValorLeaks has recently revealed. In fact, three new VALORANT weapons skinlines have been leaked recently, with their reception being as mixed as that of the Outlaw. They will also be included in the game at the same time as the sniper, which is at the start of Episode 8 Act 1, which launches on January 10.

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