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Published: October 27, 2022

Written by: Isabella Aslam

  • “I’m glad to have GG.BET providing support for my efforts,” he says
  • “Will continue to invest our efforts in supporting Dota 2 fans,” GG.BET announces 
  • More information on what Tort de Lini will produce will be available in an upcoming Q&A

With GG.BET’s massive brand presence across three continents, Torte de Lini will be able to spread his Dota 2 guides further.

Torte de Lini And GG.BET Enter Partnership

Many Dota 2 fans use guides to help them be better in the game, so many players will most likely know the name of Michael Yossef “Torte de Lini” Cohen-Palacios. He is the creator of the in-game character guides used by 86% of Dota 2 players. Some of his creations include the Standard Hero Builds, a project launched way back in 2013 and used by more than 500 million players, including the winners of The International.

Torte de Lini recently entered a strategic partnership with the international esports betting company GG.BET, which will allow him to more easily provide his products to millions of players. Founded in 2016, the company has a huge brand presence in Europe, Latin America, and Asia. GG.BET is also well used to working with other esports organizations and celebrities, most recently entering a strategic partnership with Team Vitality

What Will This Partnership Entail?

Torte de Lini is already a very popular name in the Dota 2 community and with the support of GG.BET, he will be able to reach an even larger audience. “I’m glad to have GG.BET providing support to my efforts to serve the Dota 2 community with my guides,” Torte de Lini said. “To find a partner who genuinely believes in this passion project and is excited about Dota 2 is a rarity that I’m thankful to have encountered. I’m looking forward to not only being able to continue my dedicated service but also to working more closely with GG.BET in providing additional value to the game and esports scene.”

GG.BET’s CEO Dmitry Voshkarin said that the company had been looking at what Torte de Lini had been producing for a long time before offering the partnership. “We’ve watched Michael’s work with great enthusiasm over the last decade,” he said,” and the importance of what he does for the gaming community cannot be overstated. In partnership with Michael, we will continue to invest our efforts in supporting Dota 2 fans and the entire gaming community.”

It’s still unknown what types of products exactly would the two parties produce together, but this will probably be answered at the Q&A session Torte de Lini will host live in the following days. 

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