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Published: November 12, 2021

Written by: Barney

  • Team Liquid strikes a four-year partnership with cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase
  • The partners plan to bring an easy way to understand blockchain technology
  • Team Liquid CEOs firmly believe in the mission to decentralize trade from corporations

The North American esports organization Team Liquid announced they will become partners for four years with Coinbase, a popular cryptocurrency exchange.

Team Liquid and Coinbase Sign a Four-Year Partnership

Lately, the business of cryptocurrency has become large and lucrative, with even companies like Twitch dipping their toes in the sphere. It seems Team Liquid would like a small share of that market as well. That’s why it has decided to partner up with the cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase for a four-year period. The two companies plan on working together on multiple projects and integrations with the aim of elevating the overall fan experience.

Coinbase has been rapidly growing in the past two years, with more than 40 million users currently, and having more than $1 billion of revenue in 2020. The company already has partnership deals with other esports organizations like Evil Geniuses and BIG.

“When we were looking for a potential partner in the crypto space, it was really important that we found someone that was doing it the right way, the Team Liquid way,” said Steve Arhancet, Co-CEO of Team Liquid in the organization’s official announcement of the partnership.

What Will We Be Seeing from the Two Organizations?

The first and perhaps most eye-catching thing fans of Team Liquid will see is the Coinbase logo plastered over the Team Liquid esports jerseys. Coinbase will also add many themed experiences and activities to the upcoming Liquid + mobile app.

“Like a lot of our fans, crypto was new to me once, but once I started reading and watching, I realized that it wasn’t some passing fad — it’s here now, and will be in the future,” added Arhancet. “Together with Coinbase, we hope we can demystify crypto for Team Liquid fans.”

The official blog post says that foraying into any kind of crypto can be overwhelming for newcomers. The partnership intends to facilitate new traders’ knowledge on how blockchains work with the help of bite-sized videos. Coinbase tries to offer a transparent system to learn, expand, and master the exchange.

Co-CEO of Team Liquid Victor “Nazgul” Goossens said that “Crypto has the potential to distribute influence and move control away from corporations into the hands of all of us based on undeniable trust created by blockchain technology.” He hopes this would allow a more transparent and obvious way to trade.

Most blockchain technology seems plucked straight from science fiction. And it is exactly in sci-fi we see things like crypto and the world of video games coming close together, so perhaps the science isn’t fiction anymore.

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