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Published: September 18, 2023

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • A recent update to the game prompted the revival of its multiplayer
  • More than 22 000 concurrent players were recorded playing the game in the past week
  • A likely Titanfall 3 game will take years to release if it even ever does so

After Respawn Entertainment revived Titanfall 2’s multiplayer through an unexpected patch, thousands of fans started asking the devs to make a sequel to the game.

Titanfall 2 Receives Much-Needed Patch after Years

Titanfall 2 was once the go-to game when it came to fast-paced mecha action games, but the past few years have not been kind to it. The title had suffered a huge decline in player numbers as developers Respawn Entertainment seemed to have abandoned the game. Titanfall 2 even had multiple network problems, causing its multiplayer to be left inaccessible for years, which played a huge part in the shooter’s downfall.

This is why it came as a huge surprise when Respawn Entertainment finally fixed the server issues after so long. This prompted many fans to return to the game, which has now seemingly risen from the ashes and is sporting a healthy community once again. According to Steam Charts, Titanfall 2 recorded over 22 000 concurrent players recently. This, and the fact that Respawn Entertainment’s CEO expressed their desire for a sequel to Titanfall 2 earlier this year, has prompted many fans to want to see a Titanfall 3 sometime in the future.

Players on both PC and console have reported that they could now find matches in under 10 seconds, proving how popular the game has once more become. This unexpected resurgence has fans of the series more hopeful than ever for a sequel down the line. “Titanfall 3 could happen if things keep up like this,” one user said. “I’d buy it day one, no question,” another fan replied.

Aside from the somewhat unexpected update to Titanfall 2, there are other factors that likely contributed to the resurgence of the game. We should also consider the popularity of Armored Core 6 and how its fame reignited the passion for the mecha genre in gamers. Considering AC6 became FromSoft’s second-biggest PC launch to date, it should not be a surprise that some players also wanted to try out Titanfall 2 as well.

However, despite the game’s recent revival and the hopes of its fans, others are not so convinced that a sequel will be made soon. This is due in large part thanks to Apex Legends, which is currently one of Respawn Entertainment’s main focuses, meaning the company might not have the ability or desire to invest resources in other games. Interestingly, Titanfall 3 had been in development for months before being canceled.

Despite that, fans still remain hopeful that a sequel to Titanfall 2 will someday emerge, although if that ever happens, it will likely take years.

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