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Published: May 9, 2022

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • The 16-year-old won the Low Tide City (LTC) 2022 event
  • He went up against and defeated names like Kola, Zomba, and Dabuz
  • Melee also featured in the event but was not considered a Major

Sparg0 just won his third Major since last year, marking yet another great victory for the player, who is only 16 years of age.

Sparg0 Wins His Third Major

Sometimes an esports will see a very young talent absolutely dominate competitions. This seems to be the case for Sparg0 who just at the age of 16 managed to win a third Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Major.

The event in question was the Low Tide City (LTC) 2022 Sparg0 was the heavy favorite. According to PGstats, Sparg0 had not dropped an offline set to any players attending LTC since August last year when he lost a set to Maister at the Smash World Tour Central America Finals.

Despite Sparg0’s impressive past performance, the 16-year-old player dropped a surprising set to MuteAce just before the top eight, sending him into the losers’ bracket. However, this did not seem to negatively impact the player’s morale, as he dominated Maister’s Sora. Later Sparg0 went on to survive a five-game clash with Lui$ where both players swapped characters at least once.

After that, the young player easily defeated Zomba, Dabuz, and even Kola in the first set of grand finals, which forced a bracket reset. Koala was the one to pose Sprag0 a decent challenge by taking one game, however, Sparg0, maining Cloud, eventually triumphed, winning his third Major title of 2022 with a 3–1 win.

What Else Should Fans Note about the Event?

The Low Tide City event also featured Melee, but that was not classified as a major, as it had only 138 competitors. Furthermore, most of the game’s big names were not present. However, Linus “Pipsqueak” Nordin, one of Europe’s top players, dominated the run, winning the entire event without dropping a set.

Axe made an impressive comeback, after recovering from a hand injury earlier this year. The player actually had a higher placement in a larger offline event since LTC 2021, where he finished second last October. Fans might also look at the performance of Yasin “Mekk” Mekki. He finished second with a strong showing as the only Captain Falcon in the top eight.

The event featured many distinguished faces, but Sparg0 once again took the spotlight. It’s exciting to see what other achievements the young prodigy will have.

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