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Published: December 21, 2021

Written by: David Kent

  • A potential new version of Super Smash Bros Ultimate might be released early next year
  • This claim comes from a supposed Nintendo insider
  • Masahiro Sakurai has explained before that any potential future Smash games will be radically different

A Nintendo insider says that a new version of Super Smash Bros Ultimate will be coming out early next year.

Smash Gets a Lot of DLCs This Year

Smash Ultimate has recently finished its two-year-long DLC content cycle by releasing Sora from Kingdom Hearts as the final fighter back in October. Since then, the only updates the game, which is one of the most played in the last three years, has had only two balance patches. The only other updates the game might receive in the future are just some minor bug fixes. This means the series creator, Masahiro Sakurai, could have his sights set on future projects.

Fans are wondering if there will be a sequel to the iconic title, however, Sakurai has explained that any future Smash games will be radically different. In an interview for the Verge, Smash’s creator explained that any future games will have a smaller fighter roster. “Basically, if I were to have the opportunity to work on another Super Smash Bros. game, that means we would have to shrink the roster, but we need to think about whether fans would be pleased about that.”

This inexact answer has fans wondering if they’re ever going to see another installment of the title, however, there is hope for them, as according to a Nintendo insider, there will be a special edition for Smash Ultimate coming in early 2022.

Is a New Smash Game Really Coming?

A Twitter user that goes by the name HotGirlVideos69, who has on occasion correctly leaked news pertaining to Nintendo titles, stated in a recent post that a version of Super Smash Brothers Ultimate with all the DLC content from Challenger Packs is expected to release somewhere from the middle of January to February 2022.

According to them, the new edition would be priced at $89.99. For comparison, the current version is still selling for $60 on Amazon with the Fighters Pass each costing over $20.

The post says nothing about any potential improvements to the game in the form of better online play, additional control options, or other enhancements. Nor does the tweet suggest any new stages or fighters, that can be played only on that potential future version.

Whether or not the information posted by HotGirlVideos69 is true remains to be seen. The poster hasn’t backed their claims with any other evidence, and someone with such a funny username can also just be trying to troll.

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