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Published: February 28, 2022

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • Nintendo recently removed Super Smash Bros. from the Evo lineup
  • Many fans were disappointed, as the game is a staple of the Evo event
  • Ludwig raised their hopes by teasing a potential new project

After Nintendo’s sudden pulling of Super Smash Bros. from the Evo event, popular streamer Ludwig made a vague promise, giving new hope to fans.

Nintendo Pulls Out from Evo

Unfortunately for many Smash fans, Nintendo pulled out Super Smash Bros. from the Evo 2022 lineup. However, popular content creator and YouTuber Ludwig recently hinted at a potential replacement event, much to the joy of SSB fans.

Many fans were understandably dissatisfied when they heard that Nintendo completely pulled out of the Evo 2022 event. Super Smash Bro. had always been a staple of the Sony-owned esports event, with Evo hosting some of the title’s most iconic moments.

“Since 2007, we’ve seen historic Super Smash Bros. moments created at Evo,” wrote in a Twitter post the organizers of the event. “We are saddened that Nintendo has chosen not to continue that legacy with us this year.” However, SSB fans might hope that despite not appearing in 2022, Evo’s statement suggested that the company hopes to bring back the game to the event sometime in the future.

Smash Bros. Ultimate was first featured at the 2019 event. In the following years Smash Bros. Melee, and later Smash Bros. Wii U became important parts of the event with each successive year. This led to the title becoming one of Evo’s central pieces.

Fans Look Towards Ludwig in Hopes of Another Event

Meanwhile, Ludwig, who rose to fame partly due to his skill and involvement in the Smash community, quickly made a meaningful (albeit vague) promise to the community. With a brief “don’t worry smashers, I got you.” answering to Evo’s announcement, many fans are hoping to still have some kind of replacement event.

The reason for SSB fans to be happy is that Ludwig has organized events before. His most recent one was on January 31, when the content creator made his own Super Smash Bros. Melee event. It featured a professional cast of commentators, a $30 000 prize pool, and attracted thousands of viewers. Since the success of this initial event, Ludwig has promised future tournaments of a much grander scale.

It is too early to say what will come out of this, but the fact is the Smash community quickly latched onto Ludwig’s vague promise. Considering the content creator has always been loyal to the community, it would be no surprise that Smash fans will soon have something new.

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