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Published: October 15, 2021

Written by: Silvia Pavlof

  • The dates and venue for this year’s Smash World Tour Championships have been revealed
  • The event will host tournaments for Ulitmate and Melee, as well as friendlies and side tournaments.
  • Players will have a chance to compete for a prize pool of $150,000

Orlando will be the center of this year’s biggest Super Smash Bros. event, which will be held from December 17 to 19.

Smash World Tour Championships Are Coming at the End of the Year

The regular season is coming to a close and marks a very successful year for Super Smash Bros., as the game has been played for a total of 2.2 billion hours. Players from all across the globe are preparing for competing and more details for the Smash World Tour Championships have been revealed. This year’s grand event will be held in Orlando and will run between December 17 to 19.

Players have been competing in various Smash World Tour regional tournaments throughout the year, and those who have proven themselves will travel to the city for a chance to win prizes from the $150,000 prize pool, split evenly between Ultimate and Melee.

So far there are players from 15 different countries in the initial lineup of players that will directly qualify. There is a chance for that number to expand further during the Last Chance Qualifier. There will be full brackets for Melee and Ultimate at the Last Chance Qualifiers (LCQ), which are on the same weekend as the SWT Championships. The winner of each event will go to the main one.

What Can Players Expect on the Event

It seems the pandemic won’t affect the viewing experience too much as there will be a live audience at the Hilton Orlando venue. The cap is currently set at 2,000 people. Ulitmate and Melee will have open bracket events hosted at the venue. There is also space and time for friendlies, side tournaments.

After regionals and before LCQ there will be 32 players for each game, meaning a total of 64 competing players at the event. The East Asia Melee Regionals, which will conclude on November 19, will finish up the rosters for the main event.

More information on the events, results, and qualified players can be found on Smash World Tour’s official website.

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