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Published: June 12, 2022

Written by: Isabella Aslam

  • A Twitch streamer wanted to see if he could get a five-star gem using Diablo Immortal’s loot boxes
  • He eventually spent $10 000 over 13 hours without getting even a single worthy item
  • What followed was a hilarious rant rightfully criticizing Blizzard’s balance of drops

New Zealand streamer Quin69 loses over $10 000 on Diablo Immortal’s loot boxes without getting even one five-star legendary item.

Quin69’s Disastrous Loot Pull

Mobile games have been often criticized for their overabundance of microtransactions and reliance on so-called “whales” to fuel the game’s support and development. Whales are players who spend very large amounts of money on games with extensive customization options or loot boxes. They are often vital for the ecosystems of many free-to-play games, as they can make up a large portion of the studio’s revenue, as most of the game’s players spend almost nothing on the title.

Blizzard’s mobile Diablo Immortal seems to not be an exception to that, as the game features an extensive amount of loot boxes that players with lots of spare cash can buy in an attempt to get in-game items.  Twitch streamer Quin69 decided to do a stream where he would not end the broadcast until he gets a five-star legendary gem. It has a small chance of dropping from Elder Rifts which cost $25 per chance.

Going live on June 7, the New Zealand streamer went on for thirteen straight hours of Diablo Immortal and spend the equivalent of a whopping $10 000 on the game. The result was the streamer did not receive even one legendary item. This prompted a hilarious rant that also very well visualizes the streamer’s frustration, as well as the “broken” drops system that Blizzard has created for Diablo Immortal.

Blizzard Should Rebalance Its Loot Drops

“That’s right! I spent $10,000 and got nothing! This is a great game!” Quin69 yelled after he lost a total of $10K and did not obtain a single legendary gem. He went on to sarcastically say Blizzard should be proud of their game for making players spends so much money without receiving anything. “Have my money, Blizzard! Take my money!” he said, frustrated from the ordeal.

Diablo Immortal has been met with an immensely cold reception by players and viewers of the game. Ever since it was released, the title was criticized for its reliance on microtransactions needed for players to quickly max out their characters.

This incident grows the discussions on what microtransactions and loot boxes in games should be and how to balance them.

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