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Published: April 5, 2023

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • Initial information suggests there was no bad blood between the two parties
  • FaZe’s tough financial situation is widely considered as Snoop Dogg’s reason for leaving
  • The organization has been struggling after its stocks fell drastically a few months ago

After being a content creator and part of FaZe Clan’s board of directors for just a year, popular rapper Snoop Dogg has decided to leave the esports organization. 

Snoop Leaves FaZe

FaZe Clan’s recent troubles don’t seem to end, as the popular esports organization announced one of their most famous content creators and board of directors member, rapper Snoop Dogg, is leaving. The news came from FaZe Holdings Inc. in the form of a United States Securities and Exchange Commission filing, that states that the popular star is resigning from FaZe Clan, effective immediately as of March 29.

Snoop’s departure isn’t just a PR hit, it also presents some logistical challenges for Faze’s marketing, as it will hugely impact the organization’s online marketing and presence. Snoop Dogg used to be a popular creator for the organization, amassing over 600K followers on Twitch, where he spent a lot of time streaming Madden, as well as being quite famous on many other platforms.

It’s not known why exactly the popular rapper left the organization, but it doesn’t seem like there was bad blood between him and FaZe. Some fans, however, have speculated that Snoop’s departure is a result of FaZe Clan’s current financial situation. The organization has been financially struggling for the past months, as this piece from Forbs explains well

Snoop Bails Out

Perhaps FaZe’s difficult financial situation was the main reason Snoop Dogg left the organization. He was initially given $2 million in company stock when he joined FaZe as a content creator in March last year, but considering the esports organization has been experiencing serious financial difficulties in the past six months, the stock will cost way less now. 

 FaZe’s initial reason to offer Snoop Dogg a position in its organization was probably because the administration and/or marketing teams thought the rapper would be a great boost to FaZe’s popularity. However, this doesn’t seem to have worked, as the addition of the star did not change much. As popular YouTuber penguinz0 explained in his recent video about the situation, Snoop Dogg did not make much of an impact, as he “could not bother” to stream properly.

That being said, considering the rapper has not been very active over the past year, the impact of him leaving FaZe would probably not be huge. Unfortunately for the organization, this still does not change the fact its stocks have fallen drastically over the past months. On Tuesday, FaZe’s shares went on for 50 cents – a 97.9% decrease in value from its peak in August of last year.

Meanwhile, Snoop Dogg might continue his presence in the esports world, particularly in CoD. Just a couple weeks after the announcement of his departure from FaZe, it was revealed that a Snoop Dogg cosmetic bundle will be included in Warzone and Vanguard’s Season 2

As to what the future holds for FaZe, nobody really knows yet.

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