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Published: June 12, 2022

Written by: Isabella Aslam

  • The streamer-led organization will make a Smite Invitational
  • It’s the org’s next foray into esports after it announced its partnership with WePlay Esports
  • The event will feature eight teams comprised of 40 creators and streamers

One True King (OTK), the popular streamer-led esports organization, has announced it will be hosting a Smite tournament featuring a $100 000 prize pool.

OTK to Host a Smite Invitational

OTK is a testament to what popular streamers working together can achieve. The organization recently revealed its plans to host a tournament for the mythology-based MOBA Smite, complete with a $100K prize.

The choice of game is not random as co-owner of OTK and popular streamer Mizkif has had a long-running relationship with the franchise. The creator has streamed Smite a lot in the past and has often collaborated with various creators under the seldom-watched Twitch category. Mizkif is continuing this trend as he recently announced “Smite month” as he is playing the game almost every day this June.

Now the streamer announced his biggest collaboration with the franchise, leading OTK to organize the Smite tournament.

What Should Fans Expect?

The announcement happened during the 2022 OTK Games Expo, an event co-organized by WePlay Esports. OTK recently entered a strategic partnership with WePlay and will be using the Ukrainian organization’s facilities to further raise its production standards.

At the OTK Games Expo, Mizkif also revealed his very own skin coming to the MOBA and also reveal the latest addition to the game’s expansive cast of playable characters.

From the event, we also understood the format of the Smite tournament. It will feature eight teams, numbering a total of 40 content creators and streamers, although no list of names has yet been given. The $100 000 prize pool will be distributed amongst the top-performing teams.

This Invitational is the first time OTK is organizing a Smite event and is also the event with the highest prize pool the organization has ever put up. OTK’s previous largest event was an Apex Legends Invitational that featured popular names in the FPS competitive scene like NICKMERCS, Snip3down, ImperialHai, and others. That event had a total prize pool of $50 000.

The event is to be held on Mizkif’s channel on June 27, and although there is no information on who exactly will be participating, it’s likely an announcement will soon be made.

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