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Published: December 19, 2022

Written by: Isabella Aslam

  • Sprag0 won his second Super Smash Bros. Ultimate tournament after coming from a break
  • The tournament saw big names fall flat and underdogs rise
  • Most players seem optimistic, even those who placed in the lower spots

Sprag0 won his second Smash tournament, proving that the recent break he took did not negatively impact his performance. 

FaZe Sprag0 Wins the Scuffed World Tour

Esports players sometimes have to take long breaks from professional gaming due to various reasons, be they real-life stuff or simply being burnt out from the game. This often means it’s somewhat difficult for them to go back up to speed when they return to the game, but with his recent tournament victory, Sprag0 proved this is not a hard rule. 

The 17-year-old player won his second Super Smash Bros. Ultimate tournament, the so-called Scuffed World Tour, which was announced after Nintendo canceled the SWT for the rest of this year. After coming out of quite a long break, Sprag0 proved that it did not negatively impact his skills. What’s more astonishing is that Sprag0 won the tournament over Tweek without dropping a single set. He claimed victory in 3-1 fashion from the winner’s side, meaning the set finished in a mere four games. 

How Did the Rest of the Scuffed World Tour Players Fare?

In his race to the top, Sprag0 left many more experienced players in the dust. Fans were shocked when even some of the best popular Smash players didn’t perform as well as Sprag0. For example, MkLeo, widely considered the best Smash Ultimate player, didn’t even reach the top three. Meanwhile, Leo went out in fifth place after losing to Shuton and Tweek, both matches ending with a disgraceful result of 0-3.

It seems the Scuffed World Tour’s name is an apt one to describe Leo’s performance. It just wasn’t his tournaments, as he struggled in the first two sets he played, battling to 3-2 wins against Ferps and Riddles. Despite his uncharacteristically poor performance during the tournament, the player seems to be in high spirits, tweeting that he will try harder next year. 

Leo’s opponent, Shuton, put on quite the show, despite being the underdog being seeded seventh. But his finishing third and beating Leo, the best player in the world, with a 3-0, proved that he is more than capable of rising. Tweek was the only one who could stop Shuton, against whom he lost 1-3. 

Meanwhile, another top player, Light, finished fifth. This might be a low placement for a player of such caliber, but he said on stream he was already satisfied with his placement because he beat his previous placement in Ludwig Smash Invitational, which was 13th.

With all these players being optimistic about their results, it’s no surprise that when Sprag0 was interviewed after he won, he said that now he’s playing at his best level yet. 

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