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Published: September 30, 2021

Written by: David

  • New World, Amazon’s much-anticipated MMORPG, is here
  • Shroud explains why the game might not be great for casual players
  • Players might always be playing catch-up

Michael “shroud” Grzesiek explained why casual players might not like Amazon’s New World MMORPG, and even urged them to avoid the game.

Shroud Says This Game Is Not for Casual Players

Amazon’s New World is finally here, launching on September 28. The much-anticipated game’s servers are already filled up with players who want to try out something new other than the staple of the MMO genre World of Warcraft.

Naturally many content creators and pro gamers can’t wait to dive into the game’s world to explore. Amongst these is Michael Grzesiek a.k.a. “shroud”, a popular streamer famous for his content on FPS titles like CSGO, VALORANT, and PUBG. During his latest stream, he played New World and he came up with interesting advice specifically for casual players.

“For those that just don’t have the time, I would just say stay away from the game,” he said. He explained that if you only have an hour a day to play, then you simply won’t be able to ever make it to the end.

The streamer thinks most casual players, who cannot spend many hours a day playing the game, will most likely not be able to reach max level. He explained that if casual players manage to reach max level, then they will still be playing catch-up with more hardcore players, who simply spent way more time in the game.

Why Casual Players May Not Like the Game

MMORPGs have always been somewhat of grindy games. A player often needs to spend many hours a day to grind levels, get better loot, advance further into the game and be somewhat on par with other players.

Shroud said that because of the nature of MMOs and the way New World, in particular, is played, even if the more laid-back players reach max level, they will still be playing catch-up.

“By the time you get max level, there’s going to be content for a new zone with new gear,” shroud explained, adding that when a player reaches max level and starts getting some decent gear, they would realize that they still need to catch up to the new content.

The streamer suggested that there is a solution to the problem. He said the devs should add catch-up mechanics to the game, for example, items you can buy to gather XP faster. This would help bring in new players as well.

It is still too early to say if casual players will start abandoning the game, or if they simply get used to playing catch-up.

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