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Published: November 9, 2021

Written by: Barney

  • New RiotX Arcane trailer hints at an Among Us collaboration
  • The trailer teases Piltover Enforcer Heimerdinger skins for Among Us characters
  • Fans are taken by surprise but also seem to like the idea

In a suspicious turn of events (hehe, get it?… I’ll see myself out…) Riot teases Among Us collab for the second act of their animated TV series Arcane.

Riot’s Promotional Trailer Teases among Us Collaboration

No one can deny Among Us’s popularity. The indie who-done-it style game took the gaming world by storm in 2020. With streamers, pro players, and vtubers playing it so much, the game spawned a ton of memes and countless hours of fun and ridiculous interactions with friends for many players. Perhaps it is because of this popularity that Riot reached out to the creators of Among Us for a collaboration to promote their first TV series Arcane.

Although there’s yet to be an official announcement, Riot gave us our first look at this collab in the recent Progress Days trailer. Progress Days is the second stage of Riot’s event RiotX Arcane, which aims to promote the animated series. In the trailer, crewmates make a brief appearance wearing Arcane-themed outfits.

Fans Seem Pleasantly Surprised

The trailer showed content that is part of the current RiotX Arcane event. One can see new items that will be available in Riot’s titles, and after that viewers are treated to short videos featuring the cross-game collaborations, which include PUBG and Fortnite. However, one game stood out more Among the others.

“The last thing I was expecting was a Riot x Among us collaboration….”, wrote one Anton Spasov. “Never thought I’d see the day of Rito collabing with Among Us….they knew memes are now the new ads”, wrote another commenter, hinting that someone in Riot’s marketing division understands meme culture well enough.

The short clip segment that shows Among Us characters roaming around the map reveals a Piltover Enforcer skin and League‘s Revered Inventor, Heimerdinger. It is still unknown what content exactly is coming to Among Us, as Riot has yet to reveal details on the collaboration.

Naturally, this has people guessing and proposing what might the incoming collab entail. A commenter going by the weird name of TheWeirdestName wrote “If Among Us and League of Legends collaborated, then they should make Legendary skin of Amumu, Super Galaxy Amumu with Among Us sus reference.”

With so many advertising subprojects for the show on the horizon, Arcane will certainly reach a large audience. The first three episodes of the animated series are already streaming on Netflix. Episodes 4-6 will be released on November 13, and 7-9 on November 20.

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