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Published: September 7, 2023

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • One of AC6’s greatest features is its in-depth mech customization system
  • It has allowed players to bring other games’ characters into AC6, including Minecraft Steve
  • The creator even shared the decal code used so you can also recreate Steve in your playthrough

Steve from Minecraft is ready to mine coral on Rubicon 3 after one creative player used custom decals to make a mech that looks just like the iconic blocky character.

AC6 Player Creates a Steve Mech

Armored Core 6 is without a doubt one of the biggest titles released this year. The game was highly anticipated and it’s safe to say that developers FromSoftware delivered on the expectations of fans. The title’s challenging gameplay, quite typical for FromSoft games, enveloping world, and gritty industrial aesthetic, that stays true to the franchise’s history, has captured the attention of many.

Another big reason why AC6 is loved by many is the fact the game has extensive customization mechanics, which allow players to create unique mechs to pass difficult missions and bosses, and even share them online. All of this has contributed to the fact that Armored Core 6 became FromSoft’s second-biggest PC launch, standing just behind Elden Ring.

However, it is exactly this feature that has produced some very strange yet hilarious creations from players. A bit of context – the conflict in AC6 is concentrated in large part around the mining of a rare element called Coral. Therefore, one creative player had the bright idea to bring one of the most popular miners in gaming into AC6 – Steve from Minecraft, recreating him as a mech.

Reddit user First-Reason-9977 shared their creation in the Armored Core subreddit, with the apt caption of “We’re mining coral tonight, boys!” They used the game’s paint job feature to draw Steve’s jeans and blue t-shirt and also plastered his iconic face on the mech in the form of a decal. The player even used a cycle-shaped blade to represent a diamond pickaxe.

Many other players were both bewildered by the unexpected crossover but also praised the creator. Aptly, a lot of Minecraft jokes were thrown around. “Does anybody know how to craft a shotgun on the crafting table?” one user wrote. “Is coral just Redstone? Am I stupid?” another suggested a theory about AC6’s valuable resource. A third one found it hilarious to be on the receiving end of a Minecraft Steve obliterating your force.

Of course, this isn’t the first time a player recreates something from another game into AC6. It’s just that most of the time, things are a lot more sensible. Such as the one player who recently remade D.Va from Overwatch’s mech into the FromSoft title. Of course, the fact that one would not expect a crossover between Steve from Minecraft and AC6 does not detract from the player’s creativity.

For those who are interested in making the same thing in their playthrough, you’re in luck, as the creator of Steve shared the decal code with everyone – 0PHJLBK2TXR5. Now, you can also recreate the iconic blocky character in the epic mecha game.

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