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Published: December 31, 2021

Written by: David Kent

  • The company will be announcing many new things in a few days
  • Rumors say this might be linked to a new addition to the RTX 3000 series
  • Any potential new products will be impacted by the worldwide chip shortage

NVIDIA announced it will broadcast a live stream on January 4, promising to announce, “exciting news in the world of gaming”.

NVIDIA Might Announce New Products Soon

Those wanting to buy NVIDIA graphics cards, but have missed the holiday season, will be happy to hear that the company has announced it will host a livestream on January 4, where it will unveil news about new products coming to market. “Join us for this virtual event to see the latest breakthroughs in accelerated computing—from design and simulation to gaming and autonomous vehicles,” says the official announcement.

There is a high probability that Jensen Huang, NVIDIA’s president, and CEO, will be present on stream to reveal information about any potential products. There are speculations this might have something to do with an addition to the GeForce RTX 3000 series graphics cards. There are also rumors in recent weeks that the company might be announcing a new entry-level card, a high-end 3090 Ti, and 3070 Ti with 16GB of VRAM.

An Increase in the Demand for Better GPUs

Because of the ongoing world pandemic, many countries are implementing lockdown after lockdown, so people tend to stay home a lot more. And what is there to do at home than to play games. Because of this, many gaming companies have tried to capitalize on the new demand for entertainment. Streaming services like Twitch and Facebook gaming saw a 45% increase in watch time in 2021.

Of course, NVIDIA is also trying to capitalize on people’s needs for entertainment. Launching a new product will inevitably lead to many wanting to buy the latest hot item to put into their gaming rig, which seems will still be one of their main modes of entertainment.

NVIDIA has also pioneered a new method of “selling” GPUs, or rather “renting” them out. The Nvidia GeForce NOW service provides users with the ability to remotely use NVIDIA video cards (as long as they have a good internet connection). Recently the company opened memberships for the RTX 3080. Users can subscribe for a certain period of time, gaining access to the GPU over the Internet.

However, when it comes to any new physical products, NVIDIA may have a difficult time meeting demand, due to the chip shortage of recent months. Because of the pandemic, semiconductor production has suffered a decline, leading to a shortage of parts for consumer electronics like the PlayStation 5 and the Switch.

News on how this potential problem, as well as many others, will be solved, might be announced in the livestream on January 4.

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