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Published: February 8, 2022

Written by: Stoyan Todorov

  • Noble Esports employees say the organization owns them wages
  • They blame organization owner Kyle McDougal for spending the salaries on NFTs
  • The organization deactivates its official account

Large esports organization Noble Esports has been blamed by former and current employees for not paying salaries on time.

Partnership Manager Speaks Out

Big esports organizations are not immune to scandals and controversies. One such is Noble Esports, which fields teams in games like Apex Legends, Fortnite, Gears of War, among others. It seems the organization has recently folded after being accused by staff that they have not been paid.

Dan “Dizbog” Goodman, Noble Esports’ partnership manager recently tweeted he no longer works with the organization. “With all due respect you were warned, advised, and simply were uncomfortable to work with,” he wrote. At the end of his post, Goodman specifically mentions Noble’s owner Kyle McDougal as one of the main reasons for his departure.

According to Goodman, McDougal had wrapped up the organization’s finances in NFTs, thus failing to pay Noble’s employees. Another one of Noble’s allegedly unpaid contractors even turned out to be rapper T-Pain, who was a part of the organization’s Nobility tournaments.

More Employees Blame Noble Esports’ Owner

A bit after Goodman’s tweet filled with allegations to Noble Esports, a now-deleted tweet appeared on the organization’s account. It was allegedly from the social media team and read: “Hello Noble fans. This is the social media team. We will not be working until we ALL receive the payment that was promised in our contracts.” Just a few hours later, Noble Esports’ account was deactivated, however, the organization’s website is still up.

When considering Goodman’s allegation that Noble Esports’ owner spent the organization’s money on NFTs, one might be reminded of Nobility Token. It is a cryptocurrency venture, backed by the organization, and it is currently still running. It has its own app and NFT marketplace. Perhaps this is the organization Goodman was referring to when he accused McDougal of spending the company’s money on NFTs.

Since Goodman’s post, other Noble employees have come forward with similar allegations. This includes artist Jesus Villa, who claimed in a TwitLonger that NFTs are the downfall of the organization. Alice Chen, a content creator working for the organizations, also claimed that she is missing “a month of salary” and all of her work samples.

After all the commotion raised by employees, content creators, and players, Kyle McDougal finally posted in the early hours of February 8 that the unpaid salaries were due to bank issues.

Whether or not the remaining employees will get their salaries in a timely manner remains to be seen. Esports organizations venturing into the world of the blockchain is nothing new. Just recently 100 Thieves Released a series of free NFTs.

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