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Published: September 30, 2021

Written by: David

  • Amazon Games’ open-world MMO New World was released on September 28
  • Immediately, the game became a hit, becoming the second-most played game on Steam
  • While all players patiently awaited the release of the game, not everyone was happy with the waiting queues

The new open-world MMO New World launched on Steam on Tuesday this week. Since the launch, the game has enjoyed high popularity reaching the place of the second most-played game after CS:GO.

New World Finally Launched on Steam and Enjoys High Popularity

New World is a new open-world MMO that is developed and published by Amazon Games. Lots of gamers have long awaited the launch of the game which was released yesterday. Although it has only been a day since the game release, the title is already making big waves surpassing Dota 2 by player count. With that in mind, CS:GO still remains the most played game with the highest number of players on Steam.

Judging by Steam game stats data as of September 29, 6:00 PM, there are currently 624,418 New World players. The game is ranked second with top games by player count led only by CS:GO with 776,212 current players.

Just after New World, we see Dota 2 that at the moment of the writing of this article has 555,601 current players. The fourth and fifth games with the most player count are PUBG: Battlegrounds and Apex Legends with 299,975 and 211,572 current players.

New World Excites Interest from Players, As Is Customary

Looking at the peak player count for Thursday, we do see once again that there’s quite high interest in New World. While CS:GO remains undoubtedly a leader with a peak of 801,358 players today, New World doesn’t fall that behind. The game recorded a peak of 707,230 players today. In contrast, the peak of Dota 2 players today hit only 555,937.

Currently, New World’s reviews on Steam reveal that the player’s opinion of the game is “mixed.” Considering the high demand, many users point out that the queue times are way longer than expected. On the other hand, some players have reported that they have experienced other errors, but the overall “pain” remains the long queue times.

While many players have voted not to recommend the game based on the issue with the long queue times, others have kept the positive tone and shared their excitement from experiencing New World. Funny enough, one user even recommended the game by leaving a positive review that reads: “10/10 Best waiting in the queue simulator.”

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