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Published: October 14, 2021

Written by: Silvia Pavlof

  • New World is Amazon’s massively popular new title that has taken the internet by storm
  • With such high interest, many streamers have started to broadcast their experience with the game
  • Dexerto journalists have compiled a suggestions list of the top five New World streamers to check out

With New World remaining as one of the hot topics in gaming, here are some of the best New World streamers that fans can watch.

Amazon’s New Hit Title

New World is Amazon’s new MMORPG that has taken the internet by storm. Although it remains largely controversial, the game has rekindled many people’s passion for massive online games – a genre that had been quite stale for the last few years.

New World has quickly established itself as one of the current top titles, consistently peaking at 600,000-700,000 players on SteamCharts in rush hours. currently ranks New World as the most actively played MMORPG with about 1.15 million estimated active players.

New World has had some setbacks, with one of the most serious ones being a reported issue where players’ graphic cards get destroyed by the game. For players who shudder to imagine the same happening to them or simply prefer watching to playing, there is always the option to watch a stream.

Amazon’s new title has maintained a strong presence on the top platform for video game streaming, Twitch, where its viewership consistently exceeds 100,000 viewers in peak hours. With such a demand, there is also a lot of supply, meaning many streamers are currently focusing on the New World.

Dexerto journalists have done fans the favor to compile a suggestion list of the five best New World streamers right now.

Top 5 New World Streamers

The first streamer Dexerto suggests is FENGRUSH. He has streamed New World on a regular basis since the game’s release. FENGRUSH also uploads footage of his gameplay to YouTube for those who prefer it to Twitch.  FENGRUSH has a following of 112,000 people, making him one of the biggest names in New World streaming currently.

The next suggestion is actionjaxon. He prefers playing in a team and streams his teammates’ point of view as well, allowing users to take a pick. Actionjaxon doesn’t claim to be the best player and has a community-oriented approach that has earned him 152,000 followers.

Sacriel is next on the list. Like actonjaxon, Sacriel is community-oriented and although he doesn’t do the same multi-streams, he oftentimes plays other games together with other big names in gaming such as Shroud, Just9n and iiTzTimmy. Sacriel currently has 700,000 followers.

Next up is CDNThe3d who is one of the most influential streamers on this list. Simultaneously, he is the only one on the list who doesn’t use a camera. CDN isn’t entirely focused on New World but has a fair amount of New World content among other games.

Lastly, YoDa, the most followed channel on this list, has a total of 2.1 million followers. Sadly for the English-speaking audience, YoDa’s streams are almost entirely in Portuguese. However, this makes him a quite appealing choice for all the gamers in Portugal and Brazil.

New World is definitely a popular game that is here to stay. With such an impressive number of players and viewers, Amazon’s title promises to remain in history as one of the big MMORPG titles.

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