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Published: October 8, 2021

Written by: Silvia Pavlof

  • New World has reportedly caused fatal failures in several RTX 3090 graphic cards
  • The issue was initially believed to be because of faulty soldering but there might be more to it
  • Recently other graphic card users reported having the same problems

New World continues to be the cause of numerous last-gen graphic cards receiving fatal damage.

The Problem Was First Noticed in the Game’s Beta

Amazon’s new MMORPG New World is already out on the market. Opinions have been mixed, but the game has been undoubtedly successful. For some, however, the game might damage more than just their schedule, as several people have gotten their expensive graphic cards destroyed by the game.

The issue reportedly affects primarily the GeForce RTX 3090. 24 people have been confirmed to have had their cards damaged which isn’t a global statistic but is enough to cause some concern.

The reason behind this issue was investigated by the manufacturer EVGA and it turns out the issue is caused by poor soldering. Yet, was the soldering really the problem, or was it the game that pushed those cards to their limits?

The problem was first noticed during New World’s beta stage. Back then, the game hadn’t implemented a frame rate limiter in the game’s menu. That caused the graphic cards to work overtime which, combined with the poor soldering, eventually led to their demise. Now that the game has left the alpha stage, this should have been fixed, but apparently, some people still report being affected.

PC building service PowerGPU reported that some users still have their cards damaged, although it didn’t confirm whether the models in question were the RTX 3090 or others. The reports don’t end there as WinFuture, a German news outlet, also had one of its computers affected. WinFuture reports that trying to change the graphics settings overloaded the card. When the user tried to exit the game, this pushed the card to its limit and damaged it.

Reports From People With Other Graphic Cards Appear on Forums

Although the issue is known to primarily affect the RTX 3090, some concerning reports might disprove this. A Reddit user reported having had his card destroyed although he had an RTX 3080 Ti. His thread was commented on by other users with same-gen graphic cards who all experienced the same thing.   

The concerns continue as owners of Gigabyte-produced cards also commented having bricked cards. Should this be proven as true, it will disprove the claim that the issue lies in EVGA’s cards’ soldering.

Whatever the reason, it seems clear that Amazon’s new game might be the catalyst, if not the reason for all these graphic card failures. Fans have been understandably angry – with the crypto craze going on, getting a good graphics card is easier said than done. With the supply shortages, finding a GeForce RTX 3090 might cost one over $2,500 while their recommended price is $1,000 less.

Regardless if New World caused the problem or just amplified it, it is perhaps best for people with such expensive latest-gen graphic cards to stay vigilant and avoid exposing their cards to risk.

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