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Published: October 8, 2021

Written by: Silvia Pavlof

  • A new New World bug prevents people from logging into the game
  • Amazon Games’ spokespeople reassure fans that the issue is being worked on
  • Some feared for their accounts’ integrity but the game’s support promises everything will be fine

New World is having troubles that prevent people from logging in and playing the game. Devs assure it’s being worked on.

People Fail to Get in the Game

New World is out and is proving to be an indisputable hit with Jeff Bezos himself commenting on the game’s state and praising it for its success. However, despite its market success, New World remains a controversial title among gamers. In the latest issue, numerous players were barred from entering the game due to a nasty bug.

The bug first gained attention on October 6 where numerous players reported they have issues with getting inside the game. A video of the issue showcases a player trying to log in, choosing a character on the character selection screen, and then entering the loading screen, before suddenly getting returned to the character selection screen once again.

Hundreds of players have commented on the original post, revealing they face the exact same issue as the poster. Some people even feared that their accounts may have been compromised or even banned. The chat between a player and Amazon Games representative Alberto was shared on a forum to calm down the fans:

“I apologize for this experience,” Alberto said, “It is a massive issue that is affecting players all over the world right after the last update was done on the game, you can check the forums to see as well. I do apologize deeply for this bit and can assure you that our devs are 100% aware of the situation and working on it right now. All we have been told to tell our patient players is to wait for an update soon enough.”

In another customer support chat, Amazon Games representative Jonathan reassured people that their accounts are alright and everything should be fixed soon.

Having a Hype to Live up to

New World has rekindled a lot of people’s passion for the MMORPG genre and has some very promising ideas that can turn it into a classic if the development team provides it with enough support. Many have instantly fallen in love with New World but they cannot really enjoy that if they cannot log in.

The game is still a new title and some bugs are to be expected. MMORPGs are arguably the most difficult genre of games to make because of the sheer content they usually have, on top of being multiplayer. This formula is often a recipe for bugs and connectivity issues, exactly as it’s happening now.

Luckily, the damage is not yet permanent and Amazon Games’ devs now have the responsible task of patching up the game as soon as possible and keeping the hype alive.

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