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Published: October 4, 2021

Written by: David

  • Netflix announced earlier this week the acquisition of Night School Studio
  • The acquisition will bring exciting gaming content which will be available for Netflix members
  • Night School Studio’s founder, Sean Krankel shared his excitement about the news

Worldwide streaming giant Netflix announced that it acquired the video game developer Night School Studio. This is the company’s first acquisition of a game developer as it is in an early stage of creating brand new gaming experiences for its members around the world.

Netflix Announces Night School Studio Acquisition

Netflix, the worldwide streaming service announced Tuesday that it acquired its first video game developer and publisher, Night School Studio. The game developer is well known for its videogame dubbed Oxenfree.

Mike Verdu, VP of game development revealed that Netflix is inspired by the company’s “mission to set a new bar for storytelling in games.” Furthermore, he acknowledged that the game developer’s commitment to artistic excellence combined with their track record has made them invaluable partners for Netflix.

We’re in the early stages of creating a great gaming experience for our members around the world.” Mike Verdu, VP of game development at Netflix

Verdu outlined that Netflix will continue its collaboration with the best developers around the globe and hire the most talented in an effort to deliver “a great collection of exclusive games designed for every kind of gamer and any level of play.”

He did not miss saying that the gaming content will be a part of the Netflix membership. In conclusion, Verdu said that there won’t be any annoying ads or in-app purchases, which is similar to how Netflix has already established itself.

Night School wants to stretch our narrative and design aspirations across distinctive, original games with hear,” said Sean Krankel, founder of Night School Studio.

Bringing Entertainment to Millions of People

Night School Studio’s founder, Sean Krankel shared his excitement by saying that Netflix creates entertainment for millions of people. He outlined that while the company seeks to explore narrative gameplay, Netflix already has a “track record of supporting diverse storytellers.” According to Krankel, this is why the acquisition felt like a “natural pairing” and it looks like both teams “came to this conclusion instinctively.”

Acknowledging that there may be challenges, Krankel outlined that the Night School Studio will continue doing what they love. He did not miss saying the team at Netflix has shown great care in protecting the studio’s creative vision and culture. In conclusion, Krankel said that the studio will continue its work on OXENGREE II.

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