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Published: November 4, 2021

Written by: Barney

  • The Mobile Premier League has appointed Matt McCloskey as a vice president and general manager for the US
  • The company is looking to conquer the local market just as it did in Asia
  • McCloskey is glad to be a part of MPL’s efforts of establishing itself in the United States

Mobile Premier League hires Matt McCloskey to oversee its operations as it spearheads into the US market.

McCloskey Joins MPL

Gaming industry veteran Matt McCloskey has been hired by the mobile esports platform Mobile Premier League. McCloskey will provide his expertise in the field to boost the platform’s popularity in the US market.

McCloskey brings in a lot of relevant experience to the MPL team. He has previously worked as vice president of commerce at the global streaming giant Twitch and has served as the chief operating officer of the game dev 343 Industries for about six years.

In his new position in MPL, McCloskey will work as the company’s new vice president and general manager for the United States.

The new appointee shared some thoughts about his excitement for working with MPL. He pointed out that MPL is currently one of the largest esports and gaming platforms in Asia. This tremendous growth in the Orient attests to the company’s dedication to quality. McCloskey is looking forward to working with the MPL team and bringing that same level innovation, operational excellence and opportunity to gamers to the US market.

“I look forward to working with Sai and the talented global team to make MPL the global leader for mobile gaming and esports,” McClarkey concluded.

Sai Srinivas Is Excited About the US Expansion

The Sai that McCloskey mentioned is Sai Srinivas, the chief executive officer and co-founder of MPL. Srinivas welcomed the new vice president and general manager in the company.

“Matt’s experience in gaming and esports, as well as his ability to spearhead initiatives for iconic brands, make him a perfect fit for Mobile Premier League,” Srinivas said.

He added that MPL is looking forward to expanding the brand’s global presence. Srinivas believes that the US market is of incredible importance to the mobile platform’s growth and is glad to have someone as skilled as McCloskey oversee the progress made there.

MPL is currently one of the most influential gaming and esports platforms in Asia. This summer it decided to grow its influence and expand its operations to the United States. MPL boasts of having about 85 million registered users in Asia and is looking to replicate the same level of success in the US.

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