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Published: April 8, 2022

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • Users can now open multiple tabs in the app in one window, just like an internet browser
  • The feature was first teased in a tech demo in March
  • It is part of a larger reworking of the File Explorer app interface and function

Microsoft has listened to user feedback and has added a “tabs” feature to File Explorer in Windows 11, making file transfer and copying much simpler.

Microsoft Adds Tabs to File Explorer

For a long time, Windows users have wanted an easier way to navigate through the operating system’s Explorer. Microsoft is finally answering that need by adding tabs to the Windows Explorer app in Windows 11, making it easier to navigate files.

These tabs will allow users to open new tabs for various file locations in a single window, making it simpler to copy and move files. This feature will essentially function just like the multiple tabs in internet browsers. These tabs were widely requested and first saw action in a tech demo Microsoft did for Windows 11 in March. Back then the feature was one of many that the company was considering adding to the newest iteration of its operating system.

When Microsoft first showed the feature, it was unclear if the company intends to keep it as a part of Windows 11, just like many of the other demonstrated features. This was not the first time the tech giant pondered the idea. In a Windows 10 preview build, Microsoft introduced Sets, which allowed users to open new tabs in almost any application. However, the feature was never shipped with Windows despite its promise.

What Else Is New in File Explorer?

Microsoft is redesigning the whole interface of File Explorer and the tabs feature is just a part of it. Another important thing the company will add is a “homepage”. Also, the Quick Access files and folders are front and center now, instead of showing your recent files.

The company also added the ability to right-click a file and mark it as a favorite, which would be useful for quickly accessing commonly used files. This also shows you who last edited a shared document. However, it is still unknown when these new features will arrive in customers’ hands, as Microsoft didn’t share any such dates.

Managing files is a core component of the PC experience, and as more and more information is being created and stored, it will become a more difficult task to do. Therefore, the new changes to File Explorer should be a welcomed sight.

More information can be read in detail in Microsoft’s official announcement here.

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