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Published: May 21, 2024

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • K’Sante proved to be quite the formidable champion at the LoL MSI 2024, sporting a he pick rate
  • Because of this, Riot Games plans to make some significant changes to him in Patch 14.11, which releases on May 31
  • While the full list of changes has yet to be revealed, some fans speculate K’Sante is up for another rework a year after he received one

K’Sante’s tankiness, damage potential, and utility availability made him quite the popular pick at MSI 2024, prompting Riot Games to announce upcoming nerfs.

Riot Will Nerf the Champion

Often times a game’s meta is figured out by professional players. In turn, they use the things they have learned in esports tournaments which further popularizes meta strategies. The League of Legends Mid-Seasonal Invitational 2024 was certainly one such case as K’Sante had an overwhelmingly high presence at the event. This has prompted Riot Games to make some significant changes to The Pride of Nazumah so that he can actually be beaten.

According to the stats tracking website Oracle’s Elixir, K’Sante was picked in a whopping 65% of the games during the MSI2024. It’s easy to see why considering he is a very tanky champion who can also deal a lot of damage and offer quite some utility to players. To fix this, Riot is blasting K’Sante with power reductions, as first revealed by League gameplay designer Phroxzon.

These changes will come with LoL’s patch 14.11, which is set to be released next week on May 30. While Phroxzon did not reveal the full details of the upcoming changes, he still talked about what Riot will be focusing on. “In the short term, we’re making some targeted changes to reduce just how much damage he can soak with W. We also intend to take a larger stab at some of his kit shape to give him sharper strengths and weaknesses, but that will take some time,” Phroxzon wrote about K’Sante.

Phroxzon’s comment about reshaping K’Sante’s kit stood out to me the most, considering that not even a year after K’Sante went live he underwent a complete overhaul to help make him a balanced and viable champion. While the Riot dev did not say for sure the extent of the upcoming changes, some players speculated that the champion will once again be up for an overhaul in the long run.

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