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Published: November 5, 2021

Written by: Barney

  • Walmart quietly listed tempting Halo Infinite Collector’s Edition
  • The collection included many items ranging from art pieces to full-scale energy sword lamps
  • Fans were not happy missing out on the flash sale

Walmart surprised gamers by quietly listing a Halo Infinite Collector’s Edition. The game completely sold out before many people even found out it had been on sale.

Walmart’s Surprise Listing

Many fans of the coveted 20-year-old Halo franchise have been waiting to find out Master Chief’s story in the campaign of the game’s latest installment – Halo Infinite. Players have been wondering if Microsoft will announce a few Collector’s Editions for the most diehard fans. Luckily for them, Walmart came to the rescue and quietly announced a Collector’s Edition of the game, that comes with collectible items. The only problem is the game sold out almost immediately.

There was no warning that Walmart was going to list the Collector’s Edition. According to the company, the Collector’s Edition was limited to just 10,000 units but is unclear if this is the number sold, or if there is going to be another listing in the future.

The Collector’s Edition costs $169.99 and included many trinkets for the most devoted Halo fans. These included a set of five Halo and UNSC-themed patches, a bottle opener in the shape of the iconic Plasma Pistol, two different Halo lanyards with one UNSC charm and ID wallet, an 11.25″ by 9.25″ Darkhorse desktop portfolio art piece along with a small artbook, and a note from the developers. The game itself came in a steel case, and perhaps the biggest piece of the whole set was the energy sword desk lamp.

Fans who missed out on the sale might hope to get the Collector’s Edition, or similar on other retailers, although so far none have commented if they will be releasing products like this.

Fan’s Reactions

With such short notice, many fans were not happy, not only because not a lot managed to get their hands on the items, but some also being dissatisfied with the content itself. With predicted shutdowns of some Halo services, there is a large possibility of many players migrating from older games and servers to the new Halo Infinite ones, thus driving the need for more copies of the game even higher.

It seems fans will just have to wait and see if a new Collector’s Edition will be announced. A good resource to keep track of any dates and retailers is Twitter account Wario64. According to them, Walmart’s offer was up on November 3, but most people found out only the next morning.

Halo Infinite’s release date of December 8 is quickly approaching, and this might mean prices for any Collectors Editions might go quite high up if any are even announced.

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