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Published: December 2, 2021

Written by: David Kent

  • NFL Kenny Vaccaro sets up esports team Gamers First (G1)
  • The team is not a “reflex decision” for the professional athlete
  • Vaccaro will aspire to win a Halo World Championship with G1 

Exiting a successful career in professional football, NFL star Kenny Vaccaro is on to his next venture to set up a successful Halo Infinite esports team. 

Vaccaro Sets up G1 Esports Team 

You are a professional National Football League athlete, and you have decided to retire to set up an esports team. This sounds like a dream come true, and it is precisely what former New Orleans Saints and Tennessee Titans ace Kenny Vaccaro is doing. 

Vaccaro has revealed his new esports organization, G1 or Gamers First. The name is inspired by Vaccaro’s own belief that he is a gamer first and a professional football player second. The announcement comes at the same time Vaccaro is retiring from professional football after eight seasons in the NFL. Vaccaro has found support from fellow players and professional gamers who would be interesting in working with him on the venture.

Two professional names have already been brought up in the press release shared by NFL-reported Ian Rapoport. Apparently, Hunter Swensson and Cody Hendrix will both be joining the venture as G1 has already signed up a number of Destiny pros. 

Vaccaro has evidently spent a lot of time on setting up his team, or at the very least considering it from all angles. “It isn’t a reflex decision for me,” Vaccaro said in the press release. It’s something that he has given due consideration and added:

“I’ve been a gamer for even longer than I’ve played football, and I’ve always thought of myself as a gamer first. So, this is the realization of a long-term dream for me.”

Love for Football Isn’t All.

His love for football is still there, but G1 can serve as an example that life goes on even after professional football. Pretty much everyone can reinvent himself. Vaccaro is determined to achieve success right from the start, and the first task ahead of G1 will be to win a Halo World Championship. 

The announcement was followed up with a short video where the thought process behind Vaccaro’s decision is captured on camera. He even swipes a message by the Atlanta Falcons, who are apparently inviting him to reconsider and continue his career as part of their team. 

Vaccaro’s career in the NFL has been exemplary, and if he manages to carry some of that excellence over to competitive video gaming, we can expect G1 to become a powerhouse in Halo, and possibly beyond, before long. 

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