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Published: November 26, 2021

Written by: David Kent

  • Halo Infinite’s reception seems slightly mixed
  • Players like the gameplay, yet frown upon the limited maps and customization options
  • They want change and it remains to see if 343 Industries will listen

Halo Infinite has been praised for its fun and engaging gameplay, yet players are still frustrated by cosmetic items being placed behind a paywall.

The Game’s Turbulent Launch

Halo Infinite was released recently and has since been the subject of many discussions amidst the Halo community. By and large, the multiplayer aspect of the game has been well received, with players flocking from other games like Vanguard and Battlefield 2042. Infinite’s gameplay is, according to many players, riveting, dynamic, and a good throwback to the franchise’s previous titles, but brought up to the modern era’s standards.

However, not all is good in Halo’s camp, as many players are engaging in heated discussions, regarding the game’s cosmetics and customizations. Reddit has been a hotbed for discussions like this, where players are talking about the fact that one has to purchase a battle pass in order to gain access to armor customization options. According to players, this is a problem because, in previous titles from the franchise, players had to “be good at the game” in order to unlock new skins and items. Now, most customization options are placed behind a paywall.

Some Other Multiplayer Issues

No game is perfect, and players and streamers like Dr Disrespect have pointed out some ways the game could be made better. Again, Reddit seems to be the center for discussion. This post outlines some of the “horrible anti-player decisions” that are in the game.

“Time-gated cosmetics is one thing, but a fundamental gameplay mode choice? How can Halo exist without FFA, SWAT, Snipers, or basic Slayer in matchmaking? There is no veto/voting system either, so we are forced to play whatever we are restricted to,” wrote the original poster.

The comments also address the issues surrounding Halo Infinite’s first event Fracture: Tenrai. The event came under player scrutiny because of the impossibility to finish it in the one-week time period. Another factor that annoys players is the event is marketed as “free”, yet one needs to acquire a season pass in order to gain access to the cosmetic items they can win in the event.

The bottom line is Halo Infinite is still a game that’s being worked upon. It was launched only recently and 343 Industries will be implementing new changes to it. Right not the studio is releasing updates every few days, fixing bugs and minor issues, but it still remains to be seen how 343 will change the cosmetics and customization aspect of the game. If anything, at least there seems to be a consensus that the gameplay is fun and what players expected, and gameplay is arguably the most important aspect of a video game.

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