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Published: November 29, 2021

Written by: David Kent

  • Dr Disrespect has revealed that although he loves Halo Infinite, he is concerned with the rampant cheaters
  • The streamer fears that Halo Infinite may devolve into a “hackusation” spectacle where everyone is skeptical of their opponent cheating
  • While the hacker issues are concerning, there is still time for 343 Industries to make things right

Dr Disrespect has spoken about the competitive state of his beloved Halo Infinite and has voiced his concerns about hackers damaging the title.

The Doc Speaks about Halo

It isn’t a secret that Dr Disrespect has quickly fallen in love with 343 Industries’ new title, Halo Infinite. While the content creator got easily bored by other recent first-person shooters, Halo’s newest iteration has been different. In fact, the controversial streamer said that this is one of the few games he would happily sink his teeth into for months to come.

Because of how much the Doc likes Halo Infinite, he shudders to imagine the game getting ruined by hackers. That’s why he is one of the most prominent community figureheads to raise awareness of the growing cheater problem that plagues the title even before its full release.

The Doc said that the cheating problems get scarier the longer one thinks about them and are something that can easily spiral out of control. He fears that if hacking becomes commonplace, the gameplay will devolve into people trying to figure whether their opponent is cheating or not.

“If it gets out of control like Warzone, everyone is gonna question everything, and then it turns into this huge hackusation movement nobody wants,” Dr Disrespect said.

In his tweet, the famous content creator appealed to Microsoft and the game’s developers, asking them to fix the title he loves so much.

There is Still Time to Make Things Right

Halo Infinite seems like a really promising game with its early build reaching a peak of 256,619 concurrent players on SteamCharts. Fans have great hopes for it but many have already seen the story of a great game ruined by hackers play out before and are restless by the thought of this fate befalling the new Halo title. 

While fans plead for the implementation of crossplay in other titles, Xbox Halo Infinite players have already begun asking 343 Industries to allow people to disable Halo Infinite’s crossplay, so that they can avoid the rampant hackers.

Others are more optimistic and believe that the issue can be solved but not without the implementation of a kernel anti-cheat engine.

Halo Infinite is still in the very beginning of its lifespan so it’s early to say whether these issues will persist or 343 Industries will be quick to address them. What’s sure is that fans are concerned but many remain hopeful that it isn’t too late to mitigate the harm and cement Halo Infinite as a future classic.

The full game will be released on December 8.

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