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Published: September 28, 2021

Written by: David

  • Halo Infinite, the new game part of the legendary Halo series is expected to be published in December
  • Claiming to have insider information, D rDisRespect said that the game may feature battle royale mode
  • The famous streamer revealed that if the game lacks battle royale mode, or if  it is not well made, viewership may be impacted

While many players are patiently waiting for Halo Infinite, Dr DisRespect claimed that the new game may feature battle royale mode. Although this information is yet to be officially confirmed, during a recent stream, the famous streamer said that if Halo doesn’t offer BR mode, or it is not well executed, the game’s viewership may plummet.

Will Halo Infinite Offer BR Mode?

The legendary Halo series is expected to return this December with Halo Infinite. Developed by 343 Industries, the new Halo game is long anticipated and it is expected to bring a ground-breaking multiplayer experience.

Last week, Dr DisRespect, the famous gaming streamer said that he hopes that the new Halo will have battle royale mode. TimTheTatman, who was also a part of the stream, disagreed with Dr DisRespect, saying that there’s no shot of that happening.

It’s going to feel really good, supposedly, like super optimized,” said Dr DisRespect

After that, Dr DisRespect claimed that based on “inside information,” there will be “300 players, set loop, power weapons on the map” as well. Even more, he outlined that the maps are designed around those weapons as well as locations and points of interest.

Dr DisRespect predicted that the new Halo is “going to feel really good” and optimized. Referring to the Alpha test, he did not miss saying that if the test has any resemblance to the real game, the game is going to “knock it out of the park.”

While all of that sounds well, during a stream on Sunday last week, Dr DisRespect explained why the new Halo must have a battle royale mode. He predicted that upon the launch of Halo Infinite, the viewership may not be good. According to Dr DisRespect, the good viewership will last about a week and then the game may “slip right into that traditional sandbox view.”

Dr DisRespect stressed that even if Halo offers BR mode, it is really important how it is executed. He remembered looking at big team battle gameplay footage of the game and thought that he “hopes that these guys execute the BR correctly.” Dr DisRespect outlined that one of his fears of seeing a battle royale mode in Halo Infinite is if it is executed badly.

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