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Published: December 10, 2021

Written by: David Kent

  • Microsoft recently filed a new trademark related to Halo
  • Fans speculate what the new trademark might mean, suggesting future books or toys
  • Suggestions include a DLC for Halo Infinite’s campaign

Halo: The Endless is a trademark that Microsoft recently filed for and fans are speculating that this might be a future DLC for Halo Infinite.

A New Trademark Puzzles Halo Fans

Halo Infinite has made quite an impression on players, pros, and streamers alike since it recently dropped. Not all of it was positive as bugs, hackers, and the new monetization system has been annoying the Halo franchise’s fans. While 343 Industries is working to fix the issues, some people have leaked an interesting trademark file that Microsoft recently did, which might suggest future Infinite content.

Halo Infinite’s open world and story take place on the Zeta Halo, which is one of the more ancient and mysterious of the numerous Halo rings of the franchise. Rather early in the story, players learn of a mysterious new faction, dubbed The Endless, about which they will learn more as they play the game.

This is where the trademark comes in. Recently, a Microsoft watcher that goes by the name of Aggiornamenti Lumia on Twitter noticed some trademark listings for Halo: The Endless. Two of the trademarks are listed under “electrical and scientific apparatus,” while the third is under “paper goods and printed paper.”

What Could This Mean?

Trademark registrations are usually done before a certain product is finished and ready for release on the market. Whatever this failing from Microsoft is, it’s certain that we won’t be seeing it soon, but that does not stop fans speculating.

With the Halo infinite campaign dropping just two days ago, some players have already finished the game’s story, where they have encountered the previously mentioned Endless. Neither 343 Industries nor Microsoft has officially announced anything, however, some fans have said that “The Endless” might be a new DLC that will focus on that mysterious faction.

There is also the possibility that this might be a standalone product, perhaps a spin-off game, or maybe toys, figurines, or books. Speaking of the latter, there have already been several Halo books that expand and tie into the game’s storyline.

One other possibility might be that “The Endless” is somehow tied up to the upcoming Halo TV series, whose trailer recently dropped.

Halo Infinite has recaptured much of the franchise’s glory, that was lost in Halo 5. Despite the many problems the game had since its launch, there seems to be a consensus that the core gameplay is good, and 343 Industries has proven it listens to the harsh criticism fans have given. What will “The Endless” remain to be seen in the future.

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