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Published: September 13, 2021

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • Epic Games wants to relaunch Fortnite in South Korea
  • It proposed Apple a deal where both Epic and Apple payment options are available, in accordance with Koran law
  • Apple has yet to accept, but if it does, this may be the first step in the companies fixing their relations

Epic Games buries the tomahawk and proposes Apple have iOS Fortnite relaunched in South Korea with both Epic and Apple payment options. 

Epic Games Opens Up to a Discussion

The lawsuit between Epic Games and Apple made headlines for months in line. The two companies were hellbent on proving they were in the right by using everything at their disposal. Despite the fact that the case is yet to reach a conclusion, the two parties are seemingly finally opening up to a discussion. 

According to recent news, Epic Games and Apple are trying to reach a discussion that will see Fortnite relaunched for iOS in South Korea and Epic having its developer account privileges back. The news was announced by Epic itself through the Fortnite official Twitter page. 

Epic’s proposition is to relaunch Fortnite in Korea by “offering both Epic payment and Apple payment side-by-side,” as local law demands it. 

Apple is yet to accept or refuse this proposition. The original reason for the lawsuit came from Epic Games’ unwillingness to comply with Apple’s 30 percent tax. The Korean law might create a middle ground for the two companies.

Epic vs. Apple: How Things Came to This 

The original lawsuit was filed on August 13 last year, following Fortnite’s removal from Apple’s App Store. 

In the court proceedings this year, Apple accused Epic Games of knowingly trying to bypass its 30% App Store fee and accused Tim Sweeney, Epic’s chief executive officer, of being dishonest. Epic Games, in turn, alleged that Apple is sporting an anti-competitive policy that plays favorites and rearranges applications on the market.

As the battle raged on, a lot of curious industry information about Epic Games and Fortnite was revealed to the public during the two court combatants’ arguments. It became clear that Epic Games has a vision of a freer and more inclusive market. The company had apparently previously quarreled with PlayStation as Epic demanded Fortnite to implement a cross-platform play that includes the PS4 version as well. Additionally, Epic also has issues with Google’s own app policies. Before the rise of Epic Games even, Tim Sweeney had also spoken with Apple’s higher-ups and suggested making iOS a more open platform. 

One thing became clear: Epic Games and Apple have quite different viewpoints on the digital market. Despite all of that, it seems that Epic is giving its court opponent a chance to fix things. If Apple is to accept, this may be the first step in the resolution of the still-ongoing lawsuit. 

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