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Published: December 15, 2023

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • Frostivus has returned after last being implemented in the game in 2019
  • However, players still need to buy keys to unlock the prizes they are grinding for
  • This has frustrated some fans while others are simply happy the event is back

Although many Dota 2 fans are happy that Frostivus is back for the Christmas holidays, others feel it is very lacking in content, especially considering the delay of the Arcana Event to 2024.

Frostivus Is Back

We are entering the season of Christmas holidays and many gaming companies are releasing various in-game events to celebrate the occasion. Valve has been no exception to that, as it has implemented various iterations of the Frostivus festival to Dota 2, although it has not done so since 2019.

This is why when rumors about Frostivus returning in 2023 started spreading last month, players became really excited to dive into some old fan-favorite game modes and acquire various in-game items. This year’s iteration of the event launched yesterday to much fanfare, but it seems the event is not quite what Dota fans expected.

with no less than 10 all-new and returning item sets, the event focuses heavily on the cosmetic side of things, and Valve had no intention of hiding this. “Frostivus used to mean something. It wasn’t about your friends or your family or your feelings. It was about getting stuff,” reads the official announcement.

However, these cosmetics will not come easily as filling up the seasonal “Spirit Meter” only earns you a festive chest but players will still have to pay to get keys for them. This means that there are essentially very few actually free items you can get through grinding the event, relegated mostly to sprays, stickers, and emoticons.

How the Community Reacted

Naturally, this did not go down too well with the majority of players. Perhaps one comment under the Twitter announcement sums up what most fans think about the event: “Oh boy. Chests you have to pay for, no new arcanas, no PvE, and a meh gameplay patch.”

The comment also highlights the lack of another event that could have run parallel to this year’s Frostivus and make the otherwise bare-bones Christmas event more interesting. It’s an Arcana Event which was unfortunately delayed for 2024, although it was supposed to be currently ongoing.

With this being the current state of things, this year’s Frostivus feels almost like a stop-gap measure, that somewhat divided the community. On one hand, some fans are disgruntled by the poor prizes on offer, while others are just happy that the event is back.

However, there is one thing that the majority of players would agree on and that is the way smurfs are handled. Back in September, Valve made a strong stance against smurfing accounts, resulting in over 90,000 accounts being permanently blocked. Some have still remained to this day, but the funny thing is that they are receiving a literal Toxic Lump of Coal from King Kringle.

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