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Published: August 25, 2021

Written by: Stoyan Todorov

  • Diablo 2 Resurrected over the weekend produced contrasting feelings
  • Fans criticized the lack of a ladder system, clunky console play and a horrendous trading of items system
  • Then again, many people seemed to react positively to the nostalgia and the recreated experience

In a brief statement, D2 Resurrected executive producer Rob Fergusson responded to fans’ criticism that the open beta over the weekend lacked a ladder feature.

Ladder Feature Sticks Out Like Sore Thumb in D2 Open Beta

After the unfortunate reboot of Warcraft III, Blizzard definitely has something to repent for. Diablo 2 Resurrected’s open beta during the weekend proved an interesting and once again divisive topic for fans of the timeless franchise.

On the upside, Diablo 2 is precisely what you expect it to be. A glorious refurbishment of the original, with the grainy details of the previous game, now brought to you in satisfying blood-bath realism for you to enjoy.

 So far as the overall feel of the game, the rejuggled combat bar, and inventory go, Blizzard seems to have done a great job. Yet, the issue arises in an entirely different manner. There is a lack of originality in terms of features.

Some Redditors have praised the game for its “clunky” mechanics, Blizzard’s choice to keep “their heads out of their arses” and follow a proven development formula. Others, though, have been far testier, arguing that the game still had a lot of shortcomings to address.

Among the common pet peeves cited by users was the trading of items or group play. There was also no competitive ladder system to be seen, with some people arguing that they would just cancel their preorders because of that. It was actually the ladder system and the game’s ill-compatibility with a console that seemed to ruffle most community feathers.

Fergusson Tries to Explain Lack of Ladder

Diablo 2 Resurrected executive producer Rob Fergusson came to the rescue and explained that some of the features that fans criticized as missing are not the developers’ immediate priority and for a good reason, according to him.

“We’ve heard the community feedback but with four weeks until launch, we’re focused on stability and optimizations. No new features until after launch,” this sounds like a reasonable and smart way to go, but fans tend to be a little wary of Blizzard’s promises these days.

The beta still had many nice touches. For instance, Blizzard made it very easy to report a bug, and developers followed throughout the beta by putting in the effort to sort out some issues on the spot, offering a rapid response.

Of course, the game still lacks some input. For example, Asmongold, the beloved MMORPG streamer, didn’t stream the beta and said that Diablo 2 would make for a very boring game to watch.

Diablo 2 is a cult that still lives and breathes with countless iteration and modifications adapted for private servers. Similar to World of Warcraft Classic, the game has lived long past its use-by date.

Fergusson and the team should be given some points, too, though, as they will stick to their guns for what they believe is a better future for the game’s relaunch. Console fans are still disgruntled and they will expect a better showing from the original.

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