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Published: November 24, 2021

Written by: David Kent

  • CouRage has released a promotional video where he allegorically eyes a Twitch deal
  • The video then revealed the content creator has absolutely no intentions of leaving YouTube
  • CouRage then talked about the benefits of YouTube Gaming that make him love the platform so much

CouRage has shared a new video that teased the fans of the possibility of him returning to Twitch, before revealing he has no such intentions whatsoever and has renewed his YouTube contract.

“You Guys Thought I Was Going Anywhere Else?”

Jack “CouRage” Dunlop, a content creator and a co-owner of the 100 Thieves esports and gaming lifestyle organization, had an important announcement to make.

In a promotional video, CouRage exited a red door and stood before the camera, with two doors behind him – one being the red one and a second purple one. The doors obviously allegorically represented the two rival streaming platforms, YouTube and Twitch.

CouRage stood between the two doors for a moment, as if he has something important to deliver before bursting out in laugh and addressing the viewers:

“You guys thought I was going anywhere else?” CouRage asked and went back through the red door.

With this, CouRage confirmed that he has renewed his YouTube contract and has absolutely no plans of changing to Twitch.

CouRage Was One of the Pioneers of YouTube Gaming

The video then continued with CouRage explaining more about his time as a YouTube Gaming streamer. Two years ago CouRage became a pioneer on YouTube Gaming. For that time, he has tirelessly worked together with the broadcasting company to make its platform the best choice for streamers.

With time, CouRage eventually broke all of his personal viewership records and continued driving YouTube Gaming forward. Later Valkyrae, another 100 Thieves content creator, moved to YouTube and eventually became the most-watched female streamer. CouRage continued by saying that YouTube Gaming’s continuous desire to invest in streaming has brought in two of his best friends to the platform – Dr Lupo and TimTheTatman.

CouRage, being of the most prominent YouTube Promoters, added that YouTube Gaming currently has a roadmap of everything it has planned to make the platform better for streamers. The 100 Thieves co-owner is genuinely excited about what’s to come and said that YouTube Gaming is the best platform for streaming out there.

“One of my visions when joining YouTube was to expand outside of just my livestream and gaming content and we’ve done just that – we now have weekly high-quality blog content that comes out, we not only have a second channel but a shorts channel too. Being able to entertain the courageous in so many different ways has been one the best feelings in the world.”

The Bitter Rivalry Between YouTube and Twitch Continues

Although YouTube Gaming is currently far from being as popular as Twitch, the former broadcasting platform has shown to be bullish on decreasing the gap between the two and even potentially one day overtaking its rival.

With notable streamers migrating to YouTube and some of them being highly vocal about their disgruntlement with Twitch, it is entirely possible that one day the streaming king might be dethroned.

Regardless of whether that ever happens or not, the rivalry will be an exciting watch for every industry connoisseur. 

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